Writing is hard. Anyone that tells you otherwise is LYING! But, what does that have to do with pieces and who is this royal ‘we’ that gets its own spot in the title of this particular entry?

All writers have a royal ‘we’ inside of them. They are comprised of various characters and ideas, thoughts and sparks of imagination all clamoring to be the top of the food chain. They are what make writing so difficult. One minute, we’re working just fine on our next blog post or short story then BAM! suddenly derailed by a flighty squirrel outside our window that spawns a masked vigilante who’s sole purpose in life is to rescue and train wayward squirrels to fight crime; or something.

Things are no different here, in ChAoS, than they are for anyone else. This is the first of many posts to come, the first of many insights into the psyche of one very disturbed author. Some will come from the voice of the author (that’s me!) and some… well, let’s just say my ‘we’ can get very loud and argumentative with itself.

In the meantime, try to ignore the dust piles lying about as we build out our little piece of the interweb. It will all come together into something nice and not-quite-fancy-but-adequate eventually. There is other work to be done as well. Novels to write, stories to edit, other sites to manage, houses to maintain, etc, etc, etc. Either way, welcome to ChAoS – may it always leave you wanting for more.

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