Bullet Journal (the New Mind Map)


Is it really the new mind map? Well, it is for me which is what matters the most at this particular venture in time.  So, let us answer a different question first: What is a bullet journal?

As I understand it, and as I have been doing it, a bullet journal is like this mishmash of day-planner, diary, to-do list, and organizer all rolled into one fun little book of pretty pictures and thingies that you get to color. You don’t even have to be fancy about it if you don’t want to (but where’s the fun in not being fancy?).

People use it for tracking all manner of things, including what books they’ve read, TV shows or movies watched, miles walked, places visited, etc., etc. The possibilities are limitless.

So, now, in that limitless infinity staring me in the face, I have taken it one step further and focused this doodle-pad for grown ups into a bullet journal for my novel. It has a pretty cover and everything (but since it’s only half colored y’all don’t get to see it just yet). The giant wall that is writer’s block has come crashing down upon my over-worked little head and so I turn to something that soothes me and lets the ideas run rampant to help me leap this hurdle. It is a work in progress, with notes and ideas, bits and pieces of things that happen between the end of my short story (due out in an anthology near the end of May) and my novel (due out, hopefully, at the end of September or early October) since one leads into the other but for whatever reason that isn’t translating well to the keys!! The hope is that it will translate well to the over-glorified, self-made coloring book in the same way that my standard bullet journal helps me keep the chaos of my life focused and semi organized.

So far, it seems to be working. Stay tuned for updates from either myself or one of my many imaginary friends. I’m sure they’ll just be clamoring to put in their two cents on all of this.

Until next time, go check out what’s happening at the Corrugated Sky page and give them some ideas for a website make-over.

Cheers all.


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