Recovery (aka Post RavenCon Quickie)


This won’t be long or detailed or even entertaining. I feel and look like that poor little pug with it’s cute little wrinkly face smashed onto the floor. Except my face isn’t really all that cute when smashed on a floor; or when wrinkly; or at all right now.

RavenCon was a blast. I learned a lot, met a lot of great people, great authors, danced, gamed, talked, drank, told crazy stories, and generally enjoyed myself a great deal. At some point, I will detail all of that in a memoir somewhere: “Anecdotes of ConLife” and submit it to the “Kings of Con” folks to see if the miraculous happens and I get a shot on their show.

If this weekend taught me one thing it is that I am way too old for this shit. Yeah, I cursed, it’s what I do. I curse and I wrangle words.

Pictures will come soon enough to Insta so keep an eye out. Some might already be there, I don’t remember cuz tired.

Also, I have new kittens. Just adding to my chaos.

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