Organizing ChAoS

Things have been spectacularly busy/crazy today. Today we celebrated the birth of my third spawn and, naturally, being the brilliantly organized (NOT) individual that I am, I saved gift-buying for the very last second while I ran out to collect my prescriptions, run errands, and find a place that had cupcakes unadorned with little black graduation hats. Yeah, I’m awesome (#momfail)!

In all of this ChAoS, I have had to do laundry, sweep up all the cat hair, wrap the last-minute gift, and get the bills paid. AND I still had words and blogs and graphic design thingies to do in addition to that. Have words; currently in the process of doing said words; finally accomplishing some of the words much later than I’d originally liked; ready to go to bed but still needing to do some of those words… Words, I still need to do the dang words and I’m thirty-something years archaic with a 9p bedtime cuz I have four kids but I’m still determined to get this novel done by the end of June.

THIS, my friends, THIS is ChAoS in its purest form. This is the crazy, day-to-day that exists in everyone’s life; the stuff that makes you look at your writing and say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m not as busy’. Except tomorrow is as busy; so is the next day; and the next. Before you know it, the tomorrows have added up to be a full week, then a month and then you realize that you’ve not written a single word or even picked up a book in months. I know I’m not the only one because I’ve had this discussion with others.

Above, I present to you the truth and the fantasy. The truth (left) is what my desk actually looks like (or, did before I cleaned it up cuz ugh!) more often than not. There are things all over it that include but are not limited to: papers, notebooks, pens and pencils, stuffed animals, grooming tools, children’s homework, medicines, bottles of lotion, tissues (sometimes used ones), and perhaps a book or two. The fantasy (right) is what I think my work space is; what it should be when I sit down to compose the stories that will catapult me into fame and fortune like a big squishy whipped cream pie launched at a brick wall. It stays in that nice neat bubble for approximately 6 hours before something is added to it or it is used as a catch-all space until I clear it off again (which, by the way, takes away more time from getting all those wordsy things done).

What’s the point then?

My point is, simply, that I refuse to give up – – and you should do the same. Clear off that clutter! Organize that ChAoS! It won’t bite you! Even if it does – bite it back! Cut out that chunk of time to get ‘er done. Fifteen minutes – – you do it for your morning yoga, you can do it for your words too! Read, write, journal, anything but don’t let that ChAoS take over and run your dreams into an early grave. Don’t be the ‘could’ve been’. Be the ‘did it, got the shitty t-shirt’. You’ll thank yourself for it later – true story.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pick the color of my shitty shirt so I have it ready when I get all of this done. I’m thinking a nice chartreuse…

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