Recovery the Second (AKA Officially Old AF)


So, here I am, the Queen of ChAoS, the Magnanimous Magistrate of the Disorganized laid up by, of all things, a 6th grade trip to King’s Dominion. SERIOUSLY!? First, a convention, then, an amusement park. Blah.

The brain is still attempting to process all of the things that collided with it on Saturday. I lost my sunglasses with my dignity somewhere towards the late evening and then tried to make up for it last night by writing a few words – – that was a mistake. I looked at those words this morning and cringed. They will be buried and forgotten with no tombstone to mark their passing.

As it stands, I have realized that I have no tolerance for tweens (and should probably put them in a book of terrible things NOT to do to your parents), have lost my tolerance for roller-coasters (sad panda), and, above all, that I. Am. Old. A. F.  When the hell did I get to be so dammed old? WHEN!?

I swear my next novel after Clockwork Gods is going to be The Stupid Things We Do When We Old.  No, that is not a typo. I am not old; I act old against my own will.

Today is a rest day because, the Chelle requires at least one more day of recovery before she will trust her brain to not spew strange things like she is doing now. This is life in ChAoS, ladies and germs.

Awesome, ain’t it?

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