Summer Time!


It’s here!! Parents and children rejoice! No more early mornings! No more hollering ‘where’s your backpack?!’ at 7am! No more shoving them out the door only to remember you forgot to medicate them (oops, total #momfail on my part; and, yes, I medicate one of my children – it makes him not a total and complete dick; yes, I said that too, it’s really ok).


But only for a little while. The end of school means we trade one form of ChAoS for another. Instead of hollering at children to get their little behinds on the bus, I will be hollering at them to get out of my office and stop reading over my shoulder. Instead of nagging me to drive them to this practice or that event, they’ll be nagging me to take them to the mall with friends or ask why we haven’t gone to the beach (never mind the fact that once we GET to said beach they immediately start whining about how bored they are).

This is how ChAoS works. Switch one thing for another. And, somewhere in all of that, I have a novel to write, stories to edit, and an anthology to help publish and promote (plus all the normal things that I do that don’t stop just because it’s summer time. In fact, I’m positive I go get groceries more often because they eat 1700 times a day).

Summer brings about the July version of CampNaNoWriMo where I will, once again, agonize over whether I should participate or not. Ultimately, I will decide to torment myself and then curse my laziness when I fail; again.

But, do you know what I do love about summer?

Writing in my hammock on the back deck (with plenty of OFF and tiki torches all around me). Enjoying tasty, ice cold adult beverages at all hours of the day cuz I have no real commitments except to my words (and, you know, throwing a granola bar or something at the kids once in a while). Eating s’mores and shortcakes in the glow of my screen after everyone has gone to sleep with the windows wide open so I can hear the songs of nature inspire me while I stuff my face and let me imagination soar. I love going to see the big summer blockbuster movies and then tearing them down to the sum of their parts as only a writer can.

It is truly glorious and it. is. finally. here.


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