Since we rolled right into the holiday week(end) right after the first Choose Your Own Adventure, I’m going to give it one more week for folks to read and comment if they want to. This week, as the world resettles from what many took as a “vacation week” and the curtain of fun comes to a close, we here at ChAoS would like to do something a little different, a little weird.

Allow me to introduce you to my Pinterest Page about me

This is my landing pad for all things Chelle. Things that resonate as being part of who I am, of what I think about, or just things that very adequately represent me (like all the #shortgirl problems… yeah, that’s no fun). It is a little peak into the total nuttery that makes me, well, me.

Those little goofballs in the picture, those are my spawn; the ones that nag me at all hours of the day for snacks or entertainment or desperate need to have a brownie sundae RIGHT NOW. They keep me gainfully unemployed with all their running about and activities and then turn around and ask when my book is coming out.

That goofball down there is my beloved. He makes sure we can pay the bills while our spawn ensure that I stay gainfully unemployed with all their needs and wants and stinky laundry (yeah, usually 3 loads of that a day, btw. Ew.)

 They are just a part of the ChAoS that rules my existence but they are also my inspiration and the swift boots to my rear that keep me going, that make sure the words keep coming until the day that I can say ‘LOOK!’ and actually point to MY book sitting on the shelf. It’s starting. The Tales of the Black Dog Anthology is a start and I have more planned in that particular world that I created. I have my fantasy series that the Choose Your Own Adventure is part of and I have the steampunk setting that will be featured in an upcoming anthology as well. So, progress is being made despite interruptions and a cry for cheese sticks to be opened or more computer time to blast block-figure zombies. It is life, plain and simple and now I get to share it with all of you.



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