Some Time Off (aka Time for Revamping)

unplugYes, I have been on a long hiatus. I haven’t been entirely idle in my hiatus, but it has been necessary. The last few weeks of summer were already packed with a lot of hectic running and lunacy. Trying to maintain blog, kids, social media, words, publishing, editing… it’s a lot. It’s WORK.

So, you will pardon my break while I take some time to gather myself, throw some updates to the page, figure out the next plot source and get some actual work done. And, maybe, I might just get some relaxing done while I’m at it. Maybe. Doubtful, knowing my luck, but one can hope.

So, stay tuned, there will be some changes coming along and then we’ll ramp back up again once the school year kicks into high gear and I have a little more time to myself.

Cheers all.

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