partial-solar-eclipse-clouds.jpg Looks scary, doesn’t it? Sorta, apocalyptic style creepy in its own ethereal beauty.

Today is the day everyone has been clamoring for; the day that has created the equally apocalyptic insanity on all of the highways heading south from the east coast states. Everyone is heading to the states where the eclipse will achieve totality. Ev-ery-one.

It’s actually rather annoying. My family and I have been landlocked since Friday thanks to all of the absurd traffic. That’s good for my words and edits, but no so much for anything else (like getting groceries and running errands and all the other normal things that people do on the weekends).

Of course, the true irony of the day is the overcast sky that has greeted us this fine, gloomy morning. It’s as if the universe felt like taunting everyone that scrambled about to find viewing glasses and paid obscene amounts of money for them. Back in my day…

Oh yea, it’s one of those stories:

Back in my day, I do recall watching a solar eclipse. It was not a total eclipse, but still incredibly awesome for my eight(ish)-year-old self. We didn’t have fancy glasses then. We had cardboard viewers that we made in class with scissors and hole punches or pins. We got to watch the shadow of the eclipse pass along the hot asphalt.

I remember running out to the playground to see this dinky little shadow. I remember how excited I was, how thrilled I felt to be a part of something so historic.

Oddly enough, I do not feel that way this time and it is an event that was is even more historic than the first time I got to see this. It is a bit overcast where we are and I have my children with me this time. They don’t seem too excited either, though I can’t seem to fathom why. It is kind of a big deal and we’ve discussed it and made a show of going to watch this event at the library but all I get from them is ‘meh’.

Perhaps it is because I do not have the giddy, childhood excitement that can rub off on my own children. Maybe they feel my lack of thrill.

Oh well, we will still go out to see the eclipse and try not to fry our retinas in the process. I’m sure there are tons of people running around today praying to several higher beings to save them from this strange demon-induced blanket of blackness that will take away all of our life-giving light. You know, for two minutes. Tee hee. Weirdos.

To totality!

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