They Can Open Doors…

“Are you sure you closed the door to your sister’s room?”

The answer was, of course. And then…

The crash heard ’round the house! Birds chirping everywhere! The entire zen of my morning vanquished by two very naughty cats. Oh yes, my big orange curmudgeon (named Kurama for the 9-tailed fox from Naruto; has the same personality too…) has learned to open doors. Why? Well, because he wants to go back to the outside. Except that an actual fox nearly ate him a couple weeks back and left a rather nasty scratch across his belly. He has a scar now and, no, he did not contract rabbies – he’s vaccinated and just that fucking stubborn.

Why does this even matter?

Well, short of disrupting my morning routine and throwing my creative thought process right out the dammed window, it also now makes me a semi-prisoner in my own home and allowed for the Houdini of all dogs (aka, mine) to escape into the wild blue yon. So, not only was my morning creativity ruined, but my morning errands were ruined too when I got a call from the local neighborhood police department (yes, we have one) saying that they had my adorable senior citizen of a fluff ball. Grrr. Cart abandoned in Target, I go retrieve the dog, race home to make sure all things are as they should be, all animals accounted for and alive (including the birds) then go back out to pay for my abandoned cart and then proceed to spend another absurd amount of money at the pet store on specialty food and litter. Double Grrrr.

The return to school was supposed to mean peace and quiet for me to get back into my routines; to find my lost creativity and maintain a semblance of cleanliness in my home.


Yeah, right, lady. Your cat knows how to open doors. What hope do you possibly have of normalcy???

None. I have no hope.


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