The Glory of the Interwebs


Everyone loves the internet. It has, single handedly, changed everything about how humanity communicates, does business, retrieves and stores information – all of it. You can find a therapist and speak to them ON LINE without setting a single toe out of your front door (or out of your bedroom if you so choose). You can shop and chat, research, read, and watch TV.

So, why today? Today when most people are remembering the atrocities of the past or praying for the future of a planet that seems to have gone to Hell in a hand basket recently, why do I choose to discuss the internet?

Many reasons, actually, but not the least of which includes my ability to multi-tasking all of the things that I need to do while sitting in my chair. Ok, no, not all the things. I can’t do my laundry from my computer (though there are washing machines that can now be controlled by a smart phone; little iffy on that one). I can’t make sure that my son stays on the sofa without physically moving to go lay eyeballs upon his wiggling person. I can, however, order my groceries for pick up tomorrow while emailing the local driving school so that I can get my oldest enrolled, and shop on Amazon for yet another bag of stupidly expensive (and now much cheaper thanks to Amazon) cat litter for my high maintenance cat. Plus, I have a window open for my current creative work in progress, music playing and email cycling so that I can watch for notices from school, band, husband, etc., etc., all from the comfort of my brand new office chair (also ordered online).

The news comes to me in little balloons at the bottom corner of my laptop. I know about the devastation in Florida, the continued fires in the west and the stupidity of over inflated egos from the so-called leaders of the world. If I feel like watching more of Stranger Things instead of listening to music, I can do that and let my ill child watch endless episodes of My Little Pony undisturbed on the big screen in the living room.

The internet has its pitfalls, of course. There is cyber crime, identity theft and predators abound. There are trolls on social media that exist only to make life miserable for others but, in general, the internet is what makes the world go ’round even if it is just the small, mostly self-contained world of one SAHM working on her next story.

My groceries will be ready for me tomorrow morning; my craft things and litter will arrive on Thursday and my volunteer hours can be logged for band without anyone nagging me.

Gods bless the interwebs. May it continue to be a bastion of endless possibility in a world that is slowly falling apart.

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