Updates! (aka All of the Things!)


Is it just me, or does that word look funny to anyone else?

New week, new post. We, here, at ChAoS attempt to maintain a regular posting schedule with regular things sent to the medias of socialness. It doesn’t always work though. Life is just too damned hard with way too many demands. Some might be self-imposed demands but that is entirely beside the point. On to the updates!

A few pages updated here on the website with new or corrected info (why don’t you people tell me when I have typos and lame shit all over the place?!). I have removed some blog posts that were not going anywhere.  We had a very productive weekend here at ChAoS, cleaning things out and getting stuff organized. It was entirely exhausting and I hated every minute of it but, such is life.

Words were written both by hand and by keys. It seems to be working well to do it that way even if the stuff by hand takes much longer to write in that capacity. Words by keys is producing a nice story that should be ready for publication by the end of October – quite excited by that so I will be ramping up for that in the very near future.

Words by hand is producing Clockwork Gods at an excruciatingly slow pace but this is, ultimately, a good thing. Trying to produce it by keys was making no sense at all because my brain just went ‘BLAH!’ and then there were words and things and none of it worked together because scenes didn’t make sense – it was awful; total anarchy.

Timeline for Ashes is finally starting to take shape. And, let me just say, that timelines are really, really HARD. I mean, seriously, wtf? I understand it’s my world and my characters and blah, blah, blah but Jesus! Sooooooo many things. That will be a work-in-progress for the next ten years at this rate.

Then, of course, in all of this updating and cleaning of things, I come to realize that we are already halfway through the month of September. Like, what!? When did that happen?? Apparently when I wasn’t looking. So, now I have all the tubs for fall taking up space in my newly rearranged living room and making my house look like some underground laundry monster threw up all over my furniture. It’s amazing. Or something. This, of course, also means that it is time to decorate for Halloween (YAY!!!!) which then reminds me that I have a month and a half until NaNoWriMo begins (GAH!!).

I have NO clue what I’ll be doing for NaNo; none; zero; zilch. I hadn’t even thought of it until a writing friend began lamenting her lack of idea for this year. My tiny mental voice suddenly went ‘Well $*&@^!’ because there is just a giant empty void there for something that I am normally planning in June. #failwhale

AND I’ve totally dropped the ball with the work I do under my pen name for all things erotica (yeah, I write that stuff too – – or, did; do when I have the wild hair crawl up my posterior to do so). #doublefailwhale  That sucks too cuz that was actually bringing in a nice little side income and now, because my brain is uncooperative and entirely unpredictable, those particular brand of words has ceased and I’m just thinking of closing that entire thing down entirely. We shall see.

And, now, of course, there are school meetings and volunteering, and practices, and appointments…

My brain requires a vacation.

Upcoming Calendar:

Black Eyes – October 2017

Heart of the Matter (part of a Steampunk Anthology) – Fall 2017

Demons – January 2018

Clockwork Gods – October 2018 (tentative)

Ashes to Embers – October 2019 (tentative)

2017 NaNoWriMo – HELP!!!

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