NaNoWriMo (and Other Things)!


Ever feel like that starfish from Finding Nemo? “Today’s the day!! The sun is shining, the tank is clean and we’re – the tank is clean! THE TANK IS CLEAN?!”

Yeah, that’s kinda how I felt on Wednesday when NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for the total n00bs out there) officially kicked off. I mean, I had a plan, I had notes and stuff but there was still that little part of me going ‘well, shit…’. Things are still a little wild here at cHaOs and I keep having massive doubts that I will be able to slog through this dual genre thing I’ve got going. The fantasy part I’ve got; it’s the sci-fi part that I’m really iffy on. But, it is an adventure and it is now in progress!

WOOT, WOOT! (Like Officer Hops from Zootopia!)

Yeah, I’m gonna be making a lot of movie references. Movies motivate me, keep me in the now with stuff to write and reference and just happen to be stupidly tired so my brain is only able to go as far as Disney will allow today. Our weather here in middle-ish Virginia (we’re like the  very top of the middle, really bottom of the north) has been incredibly confusing: low 40’s, sometimes even 30’s at night and then we jump right back up to the 70’s by afternoon! My body can’t decide what season it is, let alone the poor trees and animals. Everyone just sort of layers and hopes it will be enough to survive the day.

On that lovely weather note, near to me is a place with beautiful scenery known as Government Island. I am hoping to start taking walks through the island on the regular and create a photo story with some of the dolls that I have. Cuz I love my dolls but they just stare at me (nothing really wrong with that) and I need an excuse to get up an walk more. What better excuse during a writing month where I have every excuse to STAY in my chair than getting up to take pictures of my next most favoritest thing ever: DOLLIES! We’ll see how it goes. I may have better luck sticking to riding lessons.

Anyway, for all the NaNo-ers out there, keep those fingers flying! We can do this! Caffeine and chocolate at the ready. GO!!


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