FailOh yes, it is the season of the #momfail which then translates to the season of the #wtfdidijustdo otherwise known as the #EVERYTHINGfail.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, dragging NaNoWriMo right along with it. It was there, then it wasn’t and this was probably one of my worst NaNo’s to date. I still “won” but that is such a loose term it is nearly laughable. I made 50k words, for sure, but spanning 3 different stories and at the sacrifice of doing things with or for my kids cuz I had NO time otherwise. I spent so much of my November playing taxi cab that when I did have a miraculous free moment, it went to words instead of movies with the spawn or whatever it is that other moms do with their kids.

I am not that mom. We don’t do arts and crafts together unless it is delegating someone to cut strips of tulle for me (don’t ask, it’s a mess in here right now). We watch TV together sometimes if we can all agree on the same show to watch which very rarely happens and, nine times out of ten, I’m yelling at them to pick their shit up off the floor. Meanwhile, I’m trying to maintain some semblance of order in the house, write, market my writing (lets not even GO there), do the crafts that need doing for our Holiday trip to Florida (yeah, looking forward to that but I probably should have really given more thought to the matching outfits I decided we need to wear 4 days out of the 10 that we’ll be there).

All of this just sort of exploded in November and now, a month later, I’m finally getting back to my blog. I have zero plans, only semi-solid deadlines for the words, partial thoughts to go back to work or else find something to re-open my Etsy shop with. I dunno, too many things swirling around and we still need to get through the new year.

And what the hell does all of this have to do with writing?? Well, a lot, actually, cuz not much writing is getting done now that NaNo is over. Yes, December is usually for rest (or really slow edits) but not even that’s happening on the regular. But my office is full of tulle and piles of colorful shirts!


Did you know my steampunk story, Heart of the Matter came out? Yeah, it did. You can find it here. Did you know I put out a short horror story too around Halloween? Yep, did that too. Did I market it? Of course not because there is just too much #FAIL happening around here lately but that can be found here if you’re interested.

I have several dozen gluten free sugar cookies to make for next Tuesday. Kicker? I’ve never made gluten free sugar cookies. Like, ever. I usually buy pre-made ones or drive my happy ass the 15-45 min (depending on traffic) south to the nearest Wegmans for the tub of it that Pillsbury has been so kind to make for me. I have 3 more tutus to make. I have a kid concert tonight, a vacuum to clean out, 12 more shirts to make, a snack plan for Orlando to come up with, a first draft of my current short story that’s due next Friday, and a freakin’ partridge in a dammed pear tree!!

Seriously, where is my wine? And why are there no emojis for WordPress??!?! *frump*


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