Welcome to 2018!!


Ooh, puppies!!!

Ok, focus! I’m late to the new year celebration game cuz I was on vacation over the new year. Be jelly. Or not, no, don’t actually be jelly. Vacation was only sorta fun. Stupid storm took all our warm weather away, teenagers insisted on being miserable, I got sick, and the littles were, well, little (yes, I include the 12-year-old in that category cuz he acts like his 8-year-old brother. I have ‘twins’ that are 4.5 years apart. -_-). So, when do I get my vacation from my vacation? Oh, wait, I don’t, cuz I’m a mom and a writer and life does not stop cuz I need a break, it just gets more chaotic. Oops.

Anyway, welcome to the year of the dog! Yes, I am advocating for an addition to our family in the form of another dog. We already have 1 and 3 cats but, whatevs. I troll our local shelter too often to not want another dog. Beyond the current turning of the calendar year and new animal totem, it is a time most will make the lists of resolutions and things they want to accomplish and re-evaluate their goals…

@*!^$ that @*!&.

GOALS: Survive another year of total chaos.

Good goals, right?? Right???

I thought so.

In reality, I have several ‘goals’ in mind and I’m mostly positive I’ll get maybe two of them done. Why? Cuz ChAoS. It reigns supreme in my house and throws all of my goals and personal wants out the flippin’ window. But, for the sake of the new year and all that ridiculousness, I will list the goals.

  1. Publish at least 3 novellas and 1 full novel this year. (HA! Maybe.)
  2. Open my Etsy shop by May with full stock of product. (Doable.)
  3. Exercise daily. (So far, so good but, yeah…)
  4. Take at least 2 weekend trips with the hubs and, maybe, 1 or 2 day trips with the spawn. (…)
  5. Finish face-ups and accessories for ALL my dolls (Also doable, and yes, it’s weird, sue me.)

That’s it. Nothing grand. I don’t want to go Iceland or see Niagara Falls. I don’t want to win millions or even make millions. I’ll be happy with making enough to buy myself a coffee from time to time. Simple wants. Now, the fun part is seeing which ones actually happen given all the lunacy that percolates down upon house and home. I’m not trying to go on any crazy diets (I like food too much and my kids diet for me anyway; no, really, they eat all my food direct off my plate STILL.), or like, be all super ripped. Active, I’d like to stay active cuz I’m currently a sloth. While I like sloths, I don’t need to be one. Words… well, I am a writer so I should be able to get that goal accomplished without too much issue but I had the same goal last year and it didn’t happen. The novel is the stickler, I think so maybe I’ll focus on the novellas and let the novel percolate on its own cuz it is a BEAST (several beasts, actually, as it is a planned series + a stand alone).

So, yeah, there they are: the simple goals of the Chaos Tamer. Pray for me.

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  1. If I’m going to be jelly I wanna be raspberry so my seeds can about people. Or maybe orange marmalade because it’s delicious on pork or chicken, but so not used often. 😁

    And good luck! I pray randomly for your survival of the chaos surrounding you this year. 😁

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