Snow Days & the Funk

Ferral Snowman Yet again, the powers that be have declared that the thin layer of white fluff on the ground is too much for our precious spawn to handle. All institutions of learning have been closed, and parents all across the land silently weep into their booze-less coffee cups.

Why, powers that be?

No, that is actually a can of worms that I do not want to open. It’s all political and safety and blah, blah, blah.

What does this mean for me? Well, it means that my spawn try to devour me like the poor snowman to my left. I will sit and attempt to work (because there has not been much of that happening thanks to this lingering funk that will not leave me be) while they invade my personal space bubble with their incessant questions and need of my attention. Never mind that all of them are fully functional mini-humans at this point and can fend for themselves. No, instead, they choose to swarm me with their demands and wants, their desires and recollections of various Mine Craft videos.

Meanwhile, all I want is for my funk-addled brain to find some peace somewhere between DayQuil dosages so that I might write a few coherent words (to which, I will apologize if these are not coherent), sweep off my stairs (cuz ew), get all the Instagram posts up, roll out some new social media and, you know do my incredibly low paying job! Yes, I picked the wrong career, I get that, but whatever. I’m following my dreams, dammit. Starving artists are not given that name for nothing.

So, let us take a moment and say a little prayer for this poor snowman that is being devoured by its young who have nothing to do on yet another pathetic snow day. Let us pray for good words, good ideas, good health, and clean bathrooms. We will not get all of them, but we can pray.

There will be new updates for fiction progress next week so, stay tuned. Despite the snow days and the plague-driven brain damage, there are some pretty exciting things coming down the pipeline. Don’t let the little snow-pods take you down.

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