Walks, Pitches, and Dog Strollers

We’re just all over the dang place today, aren’t we!? Hells to the yes we are. Since that has been my constant state of being lately, we’re just gonna roll with it. Chaos Tamer, right? Sort of. Not really taming any chaos recently, more chasing it around with a broom while wearing mismatched slippers and yoga pants. Hey, at least I have the pants on, alright?

I got the walking on the list cuz today a miracle of miracles happened: I walked; outside; with lunges!! This is huge people. I don’t do ‘outside’. It has that big ball of burning brightness in the sky and that whole ‘cold’ thing going on right now. I am allergic to ‘outside’ (no, not really, but it feels like it sometimes). But, today, I did it! I went to the outside with my neighbor, her adorable baby, and we walked. Yeah, I’m paying for it right now but, 5(ish) lbs down thanks to our foray into Orlando over Christmas break (and the stupid germs that are finally gone) and I am motivated to keep going. I have to. My bones will be much happier if I can drop another few pounds and be a little less fluffy and more muscley. Might even be willing to go try out the local gym(s) if I’m feeling really saucy.

As for the pitches – those wonderful folk over at the NaNoWriMo control center are partnering up with The Book Doctors to kick off their yearly Pitchapalooza. What is it? Well, basically you write a 250 word pitch for your novel(s), send it on in and then cross your little fingers and toesies that it gets plucked in the lottery to have it voted on in March. Yes, they do read all of the pitches even if yours is not one of the 20 random ones picked and it might actually get you somewhere but if you are one of the lucky few, the winner gets an intro to an agent/publisher appropriate to their book and all 20 random folks get a good critique of their pitch during a live webinar. So, some pretty good stuff; good things to make writers suddenly start freaking out over how to condense their masterpieces into 250 words or less! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that authors are not generally good at catchy summaries. Our brains freeze, turn to goo, or just turn off completely when presented with such challenges. It’s awkward, sometimes messy, no one likes to see it. Still, in this day of self-propelled awesomeness, pitches are part of the process.

Guess that means I’ve gotta work on mine, huh? Hrm… a post for another day.

Which leads us to dog strollers. Or, rather, I should say pet strollers cuz the dog is not the one that likes being rolled around like a king. No. The cat – the ‘allergic to everything’ ‘has to be on a totally special diet’ ‘plays with straws’ cat – is the one that wants to be pushed around like the goddess she knows she is. Why does this matter? Well, because in the spirit of being more active (and thus pulling more of those creative juices around) I want to walk more; even do more of that ‘outside’ walking. However, given my state of broken-ness, I walk much better if I am holding on to (or pushing) something. Don’t know why, probably some sort of balance issue or something like that, but, there it is. Shopping carts, strollers, all really awesome for me. Problem is, I don’t have babies anymore. The last time I used a stroller was at Disney World for my eight-year-old who wanted to whine at me every five minutes that he was tired of walking only to flip right around and tell me he didn’t want to sit! Still, having that extra stability was definitely helpful when walking the parks all day but now that I am not walking parks, I have no one to push in a stroller. I do, however, have pets that also like to be outside. The dog can be walked, yes, but he has the old and becomes asthmatic if he walks for too long (plus he pulls on the leash and likes to try to pee on everything he sees). Anyway, so now the plan is to get a pet stroller for the cat so I can walk more comfortably and get those creative juices flowing while I do so. I just need to remember to take a headset so I can record my thoughts/dialogue lest I forget it as soon as I step back inside. Cuz old.

Meanwhile, through all the weird cHaOs and random happenstances in life, the trudging of words continues on. I have found a new addiction in the game Love Nikki, caught up on a few of my Netflix shows, signed up for the library’s Winter Reading Challenge (2 more books for my mug!!), and finished listening to my most recent book (also a wonderful addiction I have – crocheting and Audible; brilliance). It is a wild and crazy life I lead, but it is one that I am most grateful for. I get to do what I love, even in the pits of cHaOs, and reach further and further towards my goals.

ChAoS is good, isn’t it?

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    1. Crafting while listening is EPIC. The story just soaks right in cuz you’re not entirely focused on it, but not entirely focused on the crafting either so it’s a beautiful marriage of bliss. 🙂


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