Oh yeah, that needs to be a big picture. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?? A lot of people, actually; weirdos. No, not really. They’re not weird. While I have a fondness for chocolate, I am not one of those ‘eat all the chocolate all the time’ folks. A piece or two here or there is good enough for me.


Today is Valentine’s Day! Today is, arguably, the single most chocolate-infused holiday in the U.S. I can’t speak for other countries but, if Valentine’s Day is celebrated in other places, I’m sure it is also chocolate-infused. Why? Well, chocolate is an aphrodisiac; sort of. You have to eat a stupid ton of it for any of those kind of feelings to kick off in the brain and, by that time, your stomach has decided to stage a coup against you for the abuses you’ve enacted upon it’s soft tissues. Honestly, I don’t know why chocolate is the candy of the season. Every other holiday seems to get a nice mix of sweets and fun treats. The BIG RED, however gets CHOCOLATE.

Uhm, yay?

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good chocolate covered strawberry or one of those little boxes of Godiva truffles as much as the next person, but unless that chocolate comes with a bottle of good red wine and a coupon to stay in my jams all night long while cuddling on the sofa, then I’m not all, like, ‘oooooooh chocolate!!’. It’s just not my thing. Slight lactose intolerance might contribute to that (thanks a lot mid-thirties).

I will tell you what chocolate is good for though: words!


Yeah! The days after Halloween and Valentine’s Day are two of my favorite days ever cuz all their candy goes on sale! Halloween offers a little more variety than just chocolate, which is nice, but the stockpile of sweets is necessary to get through NaNoWriMo with some semblance of sanity. Valentine’s Day is also good for this, though admittedly more chocolate-flavored than Halloween. Sugar gets the brain synapses firing off at a rapid pace and helps those words just flow right out of you. Or, at least, it does for me.

No, I don’t have to wait for post-holiday sales to buy my candy, but when I can buy a whole bag of tiny sweet goodies for the same price as a single bar, you better believe I’m gonna wait for the after-holiday sales! Budgeting, people; I have four kids to feed!

This run of on-sale candy will (hopefully) get me through the entire doldrums of editing/rewriting Hellfire. That will then put me firmly in the Easter range of Holidays (and thus another rush of candy sales) just in time for the April session of CampNaNoWriMo where I can work on polishing up Clockwork Gods.

See, I have plans, y’all; plans, I tell you!! But all these plans require sugar (and usually some kind of caffeine and/or booze and no a combination of the three is not the answer; that’s just plain cheating).

However, while y’all are waiting for these plans to come to fruition, feel free to take a little stroll over to my Smashwords page and pick up one of those little gems waiting there or head over to Corrugated Sky’s landing pad to grab one (or both) of the anthologies featuring me! You know you want to. Books go great with chocolate and wine, by the way. True story.

Until next week – have a very happy Valentine’s Day in whatever capacity you may enjoy it!

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