Go Home, Winter, You’re Drunk!

Drunk WeatherSo, this was us this past weekend. We had weather in the 70’s straight up to Saturday and then BAM! Sleet. Further north of our little overlooked city it snowed. Snowed!! Then, as if nothing at all had occurred, back up into the 50’s and low 60’s on Sunday. We’ve since been enjoying the lingering warmth, with temperatures predicted to be close to 80 today.

Uhm… Winter does realize it’s February still, right?

No, I don’t think he does. Way to go, Winter!

Outside of the incredibly bizarre (and annoying) weather patterns we are experiencing on the east coast, life continues on in a mostly normal fashion. The annual Corrugated Sky face-to-face meeting took place over the weekend along with the absurd sleet. Many things were discussed, much wine was consumed (cuz, what else is one supposed to drink when discussing marketing strategies, upcoming publications, and projected sales), and cookies were eaten. Result: we gon’be busy!

Yeah, I know, a little self-indulgent to operate a small publishing house, but that’s sort of what indie-publishing is all about. Besides, a lot of the work is trying to figure out what pretty pictures we want on book covers and how to sell more books. It’s harder than one might think, let me tall ya.

Along the lines of books to sell, Hellfire is coming up on the ‘edited’ status which will then plant it firmly in the ‘throw out to beta readers’ realm. There are steps to publishing, folks; lots and lots of steps. Lots of planning, lots of deadlines to hit and, yes, it is still February despite the flip-flops and short-shorts that were making their debut this week.

The season will change soon enough, however, no matter what that Pennsylvania rodent says, and it will be time to gear up for the April edition of CampNaNoWriMo. I’ve got zombies on the slab for that as well as a planned trip to Williamsburg for RavenCon at the end of April. I’ll be the weirdo with the wagon. You’ll see me. And, watch, the weather will be just as ridiculous in April as it is now. In fact, if it’s anything like last RavenCon, we’ll be seeing temps in the 90’s right before a nose dive into the 40’s with lots of rain cuz, why not? No global warming here… *headdesk*

There’s a piece of terrifying fiction for you: a place with actual seasons!! The humanity!! Stupid weather. Oh well, back to work! Stay… toasty? Cool? Adjust accordingly to the messed up weather patterns, everyone! Welcome to cHaOs.

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