Writing Obsessions

Fallon TwinsEvery writer has an ‘obsession’; one of those things that just always ends up in a story or novel, even an idea. For some it is as simple as a color, or recurring picture in things. Stephen King uses Maine as the location for nearly all of his novels and stories. As a matter of fact, that poor state is just overrun with weird if you read Mr. King’s novels.

So it is with this writer. While I do not set all (or most) of my works of fiction in the same location, almost all of them do have one thing in common: TWINS!

I have been told that I have a rather ridiculous obsession with them. They. Are. Everywhere in my works. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of one off the top of my head where twins aren’t, at least, mentioned once or twice. I simply find them fascinating; the science, the crazy theories, the eerie way that in many cases there are copies of the same person walking about like it’s totally normal. Heart of the Matter and Clockwork Gods feature twins prominently as the focal point of the story. I have another work in progress – a mystery-esque type novel – that delves into the ‘twin brain’ thing and let us not even get started on how many twins are roving around the broad-spectrum world of Ashes to Embers (still a ridiculously long work in progress). The story, for me, just doesn’t feel complete until twins are introduced, mentioned, or fully featured.

They are not my only obsession, however. Eeyore is another obsession that runs rampant, perhaps not in my novels or works of fiction, but most certainly in my writing space. Creativity is simply lacking if there isn’t at least one Eeyore looking back at me, silently cheering me on with his droopy ears and somber face.

I also seem to have a knack for unintentionally using famous names for a large number of my characters; something that has now become a great running gag within my circle of friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I love comics and video games as much as the next girl, but I promise that isn’t where I got any of my names, despite how it may sound or look. Since it is a running joke now, I do kinda try to throw in something fun every now and then just to get under people’s skin and make them wonder just how fanatical I am about my video games and comics.

Still, my little obsessions make writing fun, put me in my creative head-space, or just make things all feel right.

What are your obsessions?

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  1. Hm… Mine is love. For someone who doesn’t write romance, it may seem odd. But love, in its many forms, is a binding force. And all my works explore one aspect or another of the topic and how the lines can blur. Love, loyalty, and our relationships with others.

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