Life, Interrupted

farragut-tree.jpgNever again will I take my hot water and music for granted. I love both, need both, and missed them dearly during the Great Power Outage of 2018. I am, of course, speaking of Winter Storm Riley who tore through northern Virginia like the beast it was.

The tree pictured fell at the end of my street, taking out power for a grand total of 81 hours. Yes, you read that correctly, 4.5 days of NO POWER. My children nearly died. Their withdrawal from technology was great, their attitudes less than stellar. It was cold, everyone was stinky, food was lost, too much money was spent on eating out or buying more gas and firewood and very little got done.  All of the things I wanted to do or had to do were dashed because wind. WIND. Not pleased.

I very nearly clipped all of my hair off cuz I’d rather do that than take a cold shower and there isn’t a dry shampoo on the planet that will help the wild mop of curls on this head. We did take a very long, extended visit to our local library. The kids were stunned to find that books do not require a power cord! To my great pleasure, the library was having their monthly book sale so I got a lot of cheap entertainment to survive the Great Power Outage of 2018. We also indoctrinated our youngest two and the neighbors into the vice that is Pathfinder (D&D for those not hip on the new things) which helped to pass the time.

However, now that power has, blessedly, been restored what was once interrupted now must resume. All of those things I could not do over the weekend have now piled up like my mountains of unwashed laundry. Deadlines do not care if we suffered through the literal dark ages for 4.5 days. Additionally, all of my hobbies took a wild break because one cannot paint, draw, or hand crochet in the dark (or with four very bored children around), nor can one use the sewing machine for doll clothes or make armor for tiny resin humans. It just doesn’t work!

All those guys up there require attention! They each have their own story and provide a great deal of my inspiration for my written work. In fact, I have planned photo stories for each of them – – none of which can happen in 80+ mph winds or without power!!!

Life was interrupted, folks. I know I can survive any impending apocalypses now, but I’m really ok being a modern girl with all her geeky things and hot water. Life will get moving again, I suppose. We’ll just push things back some and take it one day at a time cuz, you know, we’ve got another storm heading our way later today. Aren’t we lucky?!

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