SpringWhatIn theory, it is now spring. There should be sunshine and daisies, little butterflies all over the place and bunnies, cuz everyone loves bunnies. Do you know what we actually have here in Virginia? Snow.

Yes, snow. In March.

What. The. Flying. FRACK?!

I have noticed this trend that my blogs tend to complain about the weather, especially in the colder months. Our weather SUCKS. Weather has nothing to do with writing, The Chelle. Actually, it does.

The weather directly affects our moods. If it is sunny and bright out, you are more likely to feel energized or smile more or just be more pleasant to be around. If it is gloomy and cold, you want to hide in the Blanket Fort and glare at the hatred of the world. Your mood, then, directly affects your words. Happy mood, happy words; gloomy mood, not so happy words. See where I’m going with this?

It has been so gloomy and cold that I completely forgot yesterday was the first day of spring. WOOPS! Also, creativity has gone right down the pooper. Why? Cuz it is gross and cold outside and I want to hide. HIDE!

But I can’t hide. I have a novel debuting in this theoretical season of spring which means formatting, cover art, editing. Plus, April is close upon us and that means CampNaNoWriMo and, did I mention I have a novel debuting soon? I did, didn’t I? I’m mentioning it again.


Spring was the selected time frame and it is now, officially, spring despite what Mother Nature seems to think. She’s often quite drunk these days, don’t listen to her. It’s spring.

HellfireCoverHellfire hits the virtual shelves in April. Look for it, buy it, read it, review it (you don’t have to love it, that’s optional; reviewing is not).

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