End of Year Reflection

Clock at midnight with confetti

   I understand that we still have a couple weeks until the official end of 2018 but  I will notoriously get busy, the cHaOs that rules my life will intervene, and nothing will get posted. So, I reflect upon 2018 now while I have the synapses to actually do so. This will not be the long diatribes of how awful the year has been, how eager I am to see the turning of the clock and be rid of 2018 for good.

   No, actually, most of 2018 has been rather phenomenal. Business is booming, I acquired one of the best little part time jobs a SAHM-Writer could ask for, and I even volunteer at the school regularly. I went to Disney World and Vegas, and I have to make plans to go to Hawaii (no, really, it is part of our time share package), and I have two new books in the works for the early part of next year. My health is actually improving for once despite the Great Fibro Flare of 2018 that struck me recently and sapped all of my will to remain upright for longer than a couple hours at a time. The flare is passing (finally) and the rest of my health issues are now managed nicely. My children are in great schools, I got a new car this year, a new house – life is good.

   The pessimists of the world will now take this opportunity to poop on my rainbows with the inevitable “Ok, now where’s the downer? Cuz if it hasn’t happened, it’s coming!”

   Well, what if it isn’t? That dear readers, is what I reflected upon today while I sat in complete fascination of the ‘dipping’ process being done on my torn up fingernails (a story for another time). While I do believe in balance, karma does not always work in immediates. I have put in my time in the realm of negatives. I have struggled and suffered, worried, been ill, been afraid, been at a point where rock bottom thought it would be fun to add a few spikes to drive that hateful point home. This, right now, what I am experiencing is my balance. This is my positive for all the negative I have been pulled through.

   Reflect on that for a minute, my friends. We are writers, creative thinkers, weavers of the spoken word, artists of the imagination – – and the gods above and below know that we suffer for our passion. Accept your positive. Don’t second guess it, embrace it. If you are riding a high, enjoy it – don’t look for the low that you ‘know’ is lurking around the corner because it may not be. And if you are in a low, please keep going! It will get better and you will have your positive and it will be glorious.

   For now, I say, thank you, 2018. You have been decently good to me. I look forward to what 2019 has. It will be full and busy and covered in all of the cHaOs that I love so much but it will be worth it.

   We will have new books, new pen names (oooh, fun, right!), new adventures, and probably a new blanket to hide in because blankets are always needed. 

   Here’s to 2019 – may it be truly fantastic!

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