Weekend Warrior: New Year, New You?


Pastel praying hands with mandala design behind and on them.

All things in life must change. Some are good, some are bad, some just have to happen because things get old and moldy. Every year folks start with a list of changes they are going to make. They raise up their scratch paper full of resolutions and declare “This will be my year!”… and then that enthusiasm generally starts to fade within the first week or two of the new year. I’m as guilty as the next person. Heck, we’re only twelve days in and my resolve is already faltering back to my old, lazy ways.

Bottom line, change is hard. However, it is also necessary.

As I not only share my words but also my life, I have to say that changing to be a better me is not as easy as it might seem on paper. On paper I have a list: Eat better, Be more active, Read more (yeah, I know, I’m a writer that should be a non-issue; mom of 4, people), FINISH projects, De-clutter all of the things. Do you know how many I’ve done? None of them. None. I have no shame either. Life is hard and not always as accommodating to change as I’d like. Oh well.

Baby Steps

So, what do we do about it? Take little, tiny baby steps.

First up on that slab is the ‘eat better’ – well, I went and bought us some nice veggie and fruit selections this week instead of all the carbs we naturally have in our pantry because kids. My stomach appreciates the rabbit food, let me tell you.

So, what about the rest? I said baby steps! Don’t rush me!! I’ll work on the others little by little but, I am finding, that taking decent control of one of my things first helps me to take control of thing 2. This goes for finishing projects on time too. I am, after all, a writer and publisher(in case everyone missed that last bit, yes, I co-own my own publishing company). Deadlines matter and getting things done is grossly important.

Project 1 – Ashes to Embers. It is in revision.

Project 2 – Cold as Death: A Zombie Anthology. It is now in the formatting phase and cover-art is my task. That is also, at 80% completion. Go me!

Project 3 – Formatting for a friend’s personal work. It is around 40% done

And that is where we STOP for now. Why? Baby steps. One thing at a time. When Project 2 falls away, I can then move on to Project 4, and then repeat the same cycle when Project 1 falls away, and Project 3, until all of my Projects are done. Yes, I work on multiple projects at a time; the brain will not always cooperate with what I want so I have to move on to what it will cooperate with or else fall victim to staring uselessly into the void.

The Truth

Resolutions are not about the end result; not really. They are about re-training yourself to think differently, to do things differently so that those goals can be attained. If you don’t retrain your brain (rhyming, it’s my jam) then you’re doomed to fall right back into the same pit of despair that you were in the year before when you made the same resolutions. I’m in several groups that offer support, encouragement, even ideas. Keep writing, keep reading, try this recipe, vacuuming does count as activity, you don’t need to finish everything on your list…

BUT – and it’s a pretty big ‘but’ – if I cannot change how I think, all the encouragement and support or ideas in the world will not change a single thing.

It is time to retrain, rethink, redo me.

New Look

No, I’m not changing how I look. Not really. I think I’ve finally decided to stop dying my hair mostly because it’s just too much dang effort but that’s about the extent of what I will change about how I look. I’m still short, still live in tees and yoga pants despite best efforts from Stitch Fix to make me look more like a grown-up, and I still have a wild mop of curls that refuse to be tamed. Welcome to my life.

But I can change what Taming Chaos looks like. It’s time for a refresh as I launch into more writing, take firm hold of my publishing company, learn new things, and dip my toes into new genres under a new pen name. I will be introducing her a little later once I get the site changed up and pretty but, suffice to say, there will be some new things coming for 2019 so that we can get the new decade rolling with a bang. Yeah, I get it, we just started the final year of this decade but do you know how long it takes me to change things on a website?? I’m a writer, which means I’m poor, and have the most amazing drag and drop skills you’ve ever seen! So, yeah, it’ll take me a while. Don’t freak out if things start to vanish or change or migrate. I’m here, promise.

Retrain, rethink, redo.

Into the weekend we go…

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