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All Things Green

StPatsCloverSteamGreen! Green as far as the eye can see! Why? Cuz it’s March which means the little men in top-hats and striped trousers come out in search of their pots o’ gold. Or mugs of ale. Or both.


Well, no, not entirely. Yes, this weekend, March 17, is St. Patrick’s Day. It began as the Feast of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is/was generally seen as a celebration of the Irish, their culture and heritage, as well as a religious holiday commemorating the day Christianity came to Ireland. Since it lands right around the time when Lent is still going strong for many a good Christian man and woman, Lenten restrictions were usually lifted for that one day so that celebrations could really kick off (aka, everyone in Ireland got a pass on drinking the booze and eating the meats for one day).

Move on to modern times, everyone and their mother claims a little bit of Irish ancestry in order to get in on the shenanigans brought on by this festival of greenery. Even pets get into the game, donning little green bandannas or shamrock-shaped ear-fluffs. But, why green? Why shamrocks? Well, for that I will direct you to the Wikipedia page on the subject because I could easily write a small novel on the nuances of the Irish and this holiday of greenery.

Instead, I will explain the little steampunk shamrock I’ve got going on up there. As a writer for Corrugated Sky’s steampunk anthology, Smoke and Steam, I am pleased to announce that there is a FREE promo happening this week for the eBook version of the anthology. So, while everyone is gettin’ shit-faced on green beer and corned beef and cabbage, they can also grab a copy of this book. What in all of the gods’ great creations does a steampunk book have to do with the Irish?

I’m glad you asked.

Remember them? They were featured in my blog from two weeks ago about my strange obsession with twins. Yes, those are real people. Those are actors Aaron and ShFallon Twinsawn Ashmore who have inspired my characters in Heart of the Matter, featured in Smoke and Steam. As stated previously, they represent Tristan and Geiger Fallon, the main characters of said novella, both of whom are Boston Irish and are featured quite heavily in my Pinterest board for Heart of the Matter. Go ahead and have a look, you know you want to; no one can resist the pull of Pinterest. It’s worse than Target.

Pinterest pages aside, my boys get into a bit of trouble… and if you want to know more, feel free to head on over to Amazon to grab your FREE (yes, FREE) copy of Smoke and Steam, available March 15-March 19. Just in time to celebrate the Irish.

Feel free to live vicariously through  the Fallon twins while enjoying your pints of green beer. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


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Life, Interrupted

farragut-tree.jpgNever again will I take my hot water and music for granted. I love both, need both, and missed them dearly during the Great Power Outage of 2018. I am, of course, speaking of Winter Storm Riley who tore through northern Virginia like the beast it was.

The tree pictured fell at the end of my street, taking out power for a grand total of 81 hours. Yes, you read that correctly, 4.5 days of NO POWER. My children nearly died. Their withdrawal from technology was great, their attitudes less than stellar. It was cold, everyone was stinky, food was lost, too much money was spent on eating out or buying more gas and firewood and very little got done.  All of the things I wanted to do or had to do were dashed because wind. WIND. Not pleased.

I very nearly clipped all of my hair off cuz I’d rather do that than take a cold shower and there isn’t a dry shampoo on the planet that will help the wild mop of curls on this head. We did take a very long, extended visit to our local library. The kids were stunned to find that books do not require a power cord! To my great pleasure, the library was having their monthly book sale so I got a lot of cheap entertainment to survive the Great Power Outage of 2018. We also indoctrinated our youngest two and the neighbors into the vice that is Pathfinder (D&D for those not hip on the new things) which helped to pass the time.

However, now that power has, blessedly, been restored what was once interrupted now must resume. All of those things I could not do over the weekend have now piled up like my mountains of unwashed laundry. Deadlines do not care if we suffered through the literal dark ages for 4.5 days. Additionally, all of my hobbies took a wild break because one cannot paint, draw, or hand crochet in the dark (or with four very bored children around), nor can one use the sewing machine for doll clothes or make armor for tiny resin humans. It just doesn’t work!

All those guys up there require attention! They each have their own story and provide a great deal of my inspiration for my written work. In fact, I have planned photo stories for each of them – – none of which can happen in 80+ mph winds or without power!!!

Life was interrupted, folks. I know I can survive any impending apocalypses now, but I’m really ok being a modern girl with all her geeky things and hot water. Life will get moving again, I suppose. We’ll just push things back some and take it one day at a time cuz, you know, we’ve got another storm heading our way later today. Aren’t we lucky?!

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Writing Obsessions

Fallon TwinsEvery writer has an ‘obsession’; one of those things that just always ends up in a story or novel, even an idea. For some it is as simple as a color, or recurring picture in things. Stephen King uses Maine as the location for nearly all of his novels and stories. As a matter of fact, that poor state is just overrun with weird if you read Mr. King’s novels.

So it is with this writer. While I do not set all (or most) of my works of fiction in the same location, almost all of them do have one thing in common: TWINS!

I have been told that I have a rather ridiculous obsession with them. They. Are. Everywhere in my works. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of one off the top of my head where twins aren’t, at least, mentioned once or twice. I simply find them fascinating; the science, the crazy theories, the eerie way that in many cases there are copies of the same person walking about like it’s totally normal. Heart of the Matter and Clockwork Gods feature twins prominently as the focal point of the story. I have another work in progress – a mystery-esque type novel – that delves into the ‘twin brain’ thing and let us not even get started on how many twins are roving around the broad-spectrum world of Ashes to Embers (still a ridiculously long work in progress). The story, for me, just doesn’t feel complete until twins are introduced, mentioned, or fully featured.

They are not my only obsession, however. Eeyore is another obsession that runs rampant, perhaps not in my novels or works of fiction, but most certainly in my writing space. Creativity is simply lacking if there isn’t at least one Eeyore looking back at me, silently cheering me on with his droopy ears and somber face.

I also seem to have a knack for unintentionally using famous names for a large number of my characters; something that has now become a great running gag within my circle of friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I love comics and video games as much as the next girl, but I promise that isn’t where I got any of my names, despite how it may sound or look. Since it is a running joke now, I do kinda try to throw in something fun every now and then just to get under people’s skin and make them wonder just how fanatical I am about my video games and comics.

Still, my little obsessions make writing fun, put me in my creative head-space, or just make things all feel right.

What are your obsessions?

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Go Home, Winter, You’re Drunk!

Drunk WeatherSo, this was us this past weekend. We had weather in the 70’s straight up to Saturday and then BAM! Sleet. Further north of our little overlooked city it snowed. Snowed!! Then, as if nothing at all had occurred, back up into the 50’s and low 60’s on Sunday. We’ve since been enjoying the lingering warmth, with temperatures predicted to be close to 80 today.

Uhm… Winter does realize it’s February still, right?

No, I don’t think he does. Way to go, Winter!

Outside of the incredibly bizarre (and annoying) weather patterns we are experiencing on the east coast, life continues on in a mostly normal fashion. The annual Corrugated Sky face-to-face meeting took place over the weekend along with the absurd sleet. Many things were discussed, much wine was consumed (cuz, what else is one supposed to drink when discussing marketing strategies, upcoming publications, and projected sales), and cookies were eaten. Result: we gon’be busy!

Yeah, I know, a little self-indulgent to operate a small publishing house, but that’s sort of what indie-publishing is all about. Besides, a lot of the work is trying to figure out what pretty pictures we want on book covers and how to sell more books. It’s harder than one might think, let me tall ya.

Along the lines of books to sell, Hellfire is coming up on the ‘edited’ status which will then plant it firmly in the ‘throw out to beta readers’ realm. There are steps to publishing, folks; lots and lots of steps. Lots of planning, lots of deadlines to hit and, yes, it is still February despite the flip-flops and short-shorts that were making their debut this week.

The season will change soon enough, however, no matter what that Pennsylvania rodent says, and it will be time to gear up for the April edition of CampNaNoWriMo. I’ve got zombies on the slab for that as well as a planned trip to Williamsburg for RavenCon at the end of April. I’ll be the weirdo with the wagon. You’ll see me. And, watch, the weather will be just as ridiculous in April as it is now. In fact, if it’s anything like last RavenCon, we’ll be seeing temps in the 90’s right before a nose dive into the 40’s with lots of rain cuz, why not? No global warming here… *headdesk*

There’s a piece of terrifying fiction for you: a place with actual seasons!! The humanity!! Stupid weather. Oh well, back to work! Stay… toasty? Cool? Adjust accordingly to the messed up weather patterns, everyone! Welcome to cHaOs.

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Oh yeah, that needs to be a big picture. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?? A lot of people, actually; weirdos. No, not really. They’re not weird. While I have a fondness for chocolate, I am not one of those ‘eat all the chocolate all the time’ folks. A piece or two here or there is good enough for me.


Today is Valentine’s Day! Today is, arguably, the single most chocolate-infused holiday in the U.S. I can’t speak for other countries but, if Valentine’s Day is celebrated in other places, I’m sure it is also chocolate-infused. Why? Well, chocolate is an aphrodisiac; sort of. You have to eat a stupid ton of it for any of those kind of feelings to kick off in the brain and, by that time, your stomach has decided to stage a coup against you for the abuses you’ve enacted upon it’s soft tissues. Honestly, I don’t know why chocolate is the candy of the season. Every other holiday seems to get a nice mix of sweets and fun treats. The BIG RED, however gets CHOCOLATE.

Uhm, yay?

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good chocolate covered strawberry or one of those little boxes of Godiva truffles as much as the next person, but unless that chocolate comes with a bottle of good red wine and a coupon to stay in my jams all night long while cuddling on the sofa, then I’m not all, like, ‘oooooooh chocolate!!’. It’s just not my thing. Slight lactose intolerance might contribute to that (thanks a lot mid-thirties).

I will tell you what chocolate is good for though: words!


Yeah! The days after Halloween and Valentine’s Day are two of my favorite days ever cuz all their candy goes on sale! Halloween offers a little more variety than just chocolate, which is nice, but the stockpile of sweets is necessary to get through NaNoWriMo with some semblance of sanity. Valentine’s Day is also good for this, though admittedly more chocolate-flavored than Halloween. Sugar gets the brain synapses firing off at a rapid pace and helps those words just flow right out of you. Or, at least, it does for me.

No, I don’t have to wait for post-holiday sales to buy my candy, but when I can buy a whole bag of tiny sweet goodies for the same price as a single bar, you better believe I’m gonna wait for the after-holiday sales! Budgeting, people; I have four kids to feed!

This run of on-sale candy will (hopefully) get me through the entire doldrums of editing/rewriting Hellfire. That will then put me firmly in the Easter range of Holidays (and thus another rush of candy sales) just in time for the April session of CampNaNoWriMo where I can work on polishing up Clockwork Gods.

See, I have plans, y’all; plans, I tell you!! But all these plans require sugar (and usually some kind of caffeine and/or booze and no a combination of the three is not the answer; that’s just plain cheating).

However, while y’all are waiting for these plans to come to fruition, feel free to take a little stroll over to my Smashwords page and pick up one of those little gems waiting there or head over to Corrugated Sky’s landing pad to grab one (or both) of the anthologies featuring me! You know you want to. Books go great with chocolate and wine, by the way. True story.

Until next week – have a very happy Valentine’s Day in whatever capacity you may enjoy it!

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That Which We Cannot See

  1. a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.

    The definition hardly explains what it is like to live with this illness. It is an oversimplification of an incredibly complex disorder. Why the sudden downer? Well, it isn’t really sudden and it isn’t really a downer, just reality.

    It is the reality in which I live, a reality that has decided to slap me in the face recently. Winter is not my favorite time of year. My whole body aches, and the exhaustion is nearly debilitating. If I do one thing, I cannot do the other no matter how much I might want to. It is a perpetual balancing act that, in and of itself, is exhausting.

    The kicker? You can’t see it. There are no bruises or red marks that indicate the pain I feel. There is no cough, no fever, no actual needles running up and down my arms (though that is exactly what it feels like). At best, there are bags under my eyes but no one thinks twice about those – I have four children, after all. I work from home as a marketing manager, writer, web developer, and publisher so I can sit at my pillow-padded chair with the heating pad on high in the softest pants I can find cuz anything less will have me crawling with the heebies all day long.

    I wear the mask of your ‘typical writer’: mostly anti-social geekling-nerd hiding in her office with too many pens and books. Yes, it is me, but there is another me that watches all my friends and family get together for drinks and movies, nights out at the local bar that I don’t generally get invited to. Not because I am not welcome, but because the answer is already known: I can’t. I simply do not have the energy for it. If I do go out, or host something small with my neighbors, I pay for it later. No one sees that part so everything must be ok, right?

    No one sees the looks I get when I park in the handicap spot (with my tag, I will add) and walk into the store. Why does she need that spot? There’s nothing wrong with her. What they don’t see is the struggle it takes for me to take those blessed steps into the store before I grab a cart and use it as a practical crutch to do my shopping because I am just too dammed stubborn to give in to this bs that plagues me. I will do it because my body says I can’t! I’m just that pig-headed!

    What I have is invisible to the outside world. Even those closest to me sometimes wonder if it’s not just all in my head. Something this awful would almost have to be, right? Except that it isn’t. IF ONLY! I’d commit myself in a heartbeat and take the meds to make it go away!

    But, where has all this come from? Why explain this invisible beast now? Because, two days ago I fell asleep at 7p and slept for 12 hours – and still felt tired afterward. Because my mind has been in such a fog that my words are starting to suffer. Because I hosted a Superbowl get-together for my friends and neighbors and am still recovering from it three days later. I should be editing my novella (that is rapidly gaining girth into a full-length novel; didn’t see that one coming) or working on my submission for Corrugated Sky, or any number of things on my list of things to get done. Instead I’m binge watching The Magicians and making sure my kids do their homework because that’s all my brain has been able to handle recently. Blog posting… I seem to be managing that ok; sort of. This took me two days to write. That should tell you something. I normally pump these out weeks in advance. Not this time!

    More importantly, however, this is for awareness. I am not the only one that suffers this awful disease. The most vocal has been Lady Gaga – look what she does! Wow, the envy I feel there! But she pays for it; heavily. Morgan Freeman has said he suffers through this invisible illness as well. He has age on his side, though; he can just claim ‘old and crotchety’ and no one will really question it. It doesn’t make the disease any less hateful, just makes the stares a little more understanding in his case. While I like to claim that I am old, I am not, nor am I truly crotchety (though I have my moments). It is a disease that demands acceptance and understanding because nothing else, nothing else helps. Know that we try, we do; we try so hard to pretend everything is hunky-dory because that’s the only thing the world will accept when what you have cannot be seen.

    For now, I will put my fingers back on the keys, pull out that novella and get back to work because that’s what I do; what I will continue to do until I have nothing left. That’s how I fight.

    For more information about fibromyalgia or how you can help, please visit
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Walks, Pitches, and Dog Strollers

We’re just all over the dang place today, aren’t we!? Hells to the yes we are. Since that has been my constant state of being lately, we’re just gonna roll with it. Chaos Tamer, right? Sort of. Not really taming any chaos recently, more chasing it around with a broom while wearing mismatched slippers and yoga pants. Hey, at least I have the pants on, alright?

I got the walking on the list cuz today a miracle of miracles happened: I walked; outside; with lunges!! This is huge people. I don’t do ‘outside’. It has that big ball of burning brightness in the sky and that whole ‘cold’ thing going on right now. I am allergic to ‘outside’ (no, not really, but it feels like it sometimes). But, today, I did it! I went to the outside with my neighbor, her adorable baby, and we walked. Yeah, I’m paying for it right now but, 5(ish) lbs down thanks to our foray into Orlando over Christmas break (and the stupid germs that are finally gone) and I am motivated to keep going. I have to. My bones will be much happier if I can drop another few pounds and be a little less fluffy and more muscley. Might even be willing to go try out the local gym(s) if I’m feeling really saucy.

As for the pitches – those wonderful folk over at the NaNoWriMo control center are partnering up with The Book Doctors to kick off their yearly Pitchapalooza. What is it? Well, basically you write a 250 word pitch for your novel(s), send it on in and then cross your little fingers and toesies that it gets plucked in the lottery to have it voted on in March. Yes, they do read all of the pitches even if yours is not one of the 20 random ones picked and it might actually get you somewhere but if you are one of the lucky few, the winner gets an intro to an agent/publisher appropriate to their book and all 20 random folks get a good critique of their pitch during a live webinar. So, some pretty good stuff; good things to make writers suddenly start freaking out over how to condense their masterpieces into 250 words or less! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that authors are not generally good at catchy summaries. Our brains freeze, turn to goo, or just turn off completely when presented with such challenges. It’s awkward, sometimes messy, no one likes to see it. Still, in this day of self-propelled awesomeness, pitches are part of the process.

Guess that means I’ve gotta work on mine, huh? Hrm… a post for another day.

Which leads us to dog strollers. Or, rather, I should say pet strollers cuz the dog is not the one that likes being rolled around like a king. No. The cat – the ‘allergic to everything’ ‘has to be on a totally special diet’ ‘plays with straws’ cat – is the one that wants to be pushed around like the goddess she knows she is. Why does this matter? Well, because in the spirit of being more active (and thus pulling more of those creative juices around) I want to walk more; even do more of that ‘outside’ walking. However, given my state of broken-ness, I walk much better if I am holding on to (or pushing) something. Don’t know why, probably some sort of balance issue or something like that, but, there it is. Shopping carts, strollers, all really awesome for me. Problem is, I don’t have babies anymore. The last time I used a stroller was at Disney World for my eight-year-old who wanted to whine at me every five minutes that he was tired of walking only to flip right around and tell me he didn’t want to sit! Still, having that extra stability was definitely helpful when walking the parks all day but now that I am not walking parks, I have no one to push in a stroller. I do, however, have pets that also like to be outside. The dog can be walked, yes, but he has the old and becomes asthmatic if he walks for too long (plus he pulls on the leash and likes to try to pee on everything he sees). Anyway, so now the plan is to get a pet stroller for the cat so I can walk more comfortably and get those creative juices flowing while I do so. I just need to remember to take a headset so I can record my thoughts/dialogue lest I forget it as soon as I step back inside. Cuz old.

Meanwhile, through all the weird cHaOs and random happenstances in life, the trudging of words continues on. I have found a new addiction in the game Love Nikki, caught up on a few of my Netflix shows, signed up for the library’s Winter Reading Challenge (2 more books for my mug!!), and finished listening to my most recent book (also a wonderful addiction I have – crocheting and Audible; brilliance). It is a wild and crazy life I lead, but it is one that I am most grateful for. I get to do what I love, even in the pits of cHaOs, and reach further and further towards my goals.

ChAoS is good, isn’t it?

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When cHaOs Reigns

agefoto_rm_photo_of_child_waking_in_nightYou thought this was going to be about dreaming, didn’t you? Fooled you! Dreaming requires actual sleep, which I get very little of.

No, these are all the little thoughts that happen right in that blessedly odd moment just before sleep hits; when my body says ‘stop’ and my brain says ‘but wait!’. New ideas crash through the curves and turns of my little pink wrinkles, prolonging my pathetic need for sleep until finally, I simply give up and let nature take its course (which usually means I stare at crap TV until 3am with my Kindle in hand to type out notes when they hit me). There are ‘moments’ of sleep – time that can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours – and then BAM! just like that, I’m awake again with all of those chaotic little thoughts rushing to the surface in the tiny moments right before my eyes pop open (or my alarm goes off, whichever comes first).

Many people cannot recall dreams, let alone thoughts they had the previous night before sleep. I like to think of it as hitting the play button just before I wake. My brain won’t let me drop what I had going. Instead, it immediately jumps to the last thing we thought about. Recently it has been all the projects building up on my desk whether those are self-imposed or handed down by someone else. Everything from zombies to elves to paint choices, taxes, or what kind of font to use on the next flyer I need to put together. FONT! Why do I care about these things at 11p or midnight when I know I need to get to sleep or become one of those zombies running through my head the following morning???


Because cHaOs. It is the only explanation. It reigns supreme not only in my house, but in my mind as well.

So! What does this mean for the things coming down the pipeline? Well, a lot actually, because I have a lot going on in this squishy matter between my ears. Ready?

  • Zombies: The next anthology for Corrugated Sky (to which I regularly submit to) is all zombies, all the time. The dead will rise again and become the UNdead! *gasp* Which, of course, means I get to dig deep into my binge watching sessions of TWD and FTWD to find a suitable plot for this next piece going in for publication. Naturally I have everything from a revamp of Zombie Babies (which I never finished or posted more than a few blips of) to a strange idea about the evolution of a populace after the zombie-apocalypse hits (but that might just be a little too much science for me). This lovely piece of work is due out to the public roughly Fall 2018.
  • Superheroes: Another project percolating right along (now at the editing stage; hooray!) is Hellfire, a novella about a world in which super heroes are real, and they’re not always nice to people. If I can get my little fingers and toes in order with the brain synapses, then I might actually get this done by March. Maybe. It’ll be pushed through my own self-pub services (aka Amazon and Smashwords) so it’s a self-imposed deadline but, all the same, March 2018 would be nice. I’ll keep y’all updated on that.
  •  Dreamworlds: And elves, and shit. Yes, I cursed, I do that. Anyway, this particular project which has no title just yet deals with a DreamWalker and his misadventures. He meets some elf-types, meets some not elf-types, nearly gets eaten and… and I still haven’t written the ending so it is definitely a work-in-progress. However, the aim is to work it up to a novella like Hellfire and release it for queries sometime in late Spring of this year.
  • Aliens: As with all things that explode out of my mind in November, eventually they need refinement. This past NaNo was no different, producing a wild world of weird aliens and lost colonists. In fact, the title of it is Colony and with a bit of fluffing, some editing, and a decent tag line (which I have yet to come up with), this lovely little piece of science fiction should be ready to go by Summer 2018.
  • Ashes to Embers: Yes, this horrendous beast has reared its ugly, gigantic head again. A great deal of my internal struggle recently has been because of this massive undertaking that likes to try to drown me in details and enough characters to fill a cruise liner. However, since the crazy thoughts that attack just before sleep have been about how to fix some of the insanity of this massive project, I’ve been writing them down like a mad woman. Post-its and napkins are, once again, my friends (tissues were, but since I’m still battling this lingering cold, that quickly changed back to napkins). There is still no release date for this since it is a planned trilogy but, suffice to say, it is resurfacing.
  • Steam: While all of the shorter pieces are underway progress continues to be made on Clockwork Gods. We are nearing the end! Hooray for an almost completed draft!! There are also some ideas percolating for a follow up story to Heart of the Matter which was published last year in Corrugated Sky’s steampunk anthology. If all the stars align properly, Clockwork Gods should see our intrepid twins getting more screen time by the end of the year along with the follow up story that has no working title yet because the ideas only just started.
  • Smut: Yes, I write that too. I mentioned as much a few posts back. I write it under a pen name, but I write it nonetheless. It has not left my radar. There are unfinished pieces that still need finishing but I will kick that information over to Noa’s blog if anyone is interested.

There it is, the grand list of all the things. Plus, I am painting the furniture in my office, hand-knitting a blanket for the Tyrant, and working part-time helping a friend with marketing.

cHaOs. All day. All the time. My life.

Ain’t it great!

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Snow Days & the Funk

Ferral Snowman Yet again, the powers that be have declared that the thin layer of white fluff on the ground is too much for our precious spawn to handle. All institutions of learning have been closed, and parents all across the land silently weep into their booze-less coffee cups.

Why, powers that be?

No, that is actually a can of worms that I do not want to open. It’s all political and safety and blah, blah, blah.

What does this mean for me? Well, it means that my spawn try to devour me like the poor snowman to my left. I will sit and attempt to work (because there has not been much of that happening thanks to this lingering funk that will not leave me be) while they invade my personal space bubble with their incessant questions and need of my attention. Never mind that all of them are fully functional mini-humans at this point and can fend for themselves. No, instead, they choose to swarm me with their demands and wants, their desires and recollections of various Mine Craft videos.

Meanwhile, all I want is for my funk-addled brain to find some peace somewhere between DayQuil dosages so that I might write a few coherent words (to which, I will apologize if these are not coherent), sweep off my stairs (cuz ew), get all the Instagram posts up, roll out some new social media and, you know do my incredibly low paying job! Yes, I picked the wrong career, I get that, but whatever. I’m following my dreams, dammit. Starving artists are not given that name for nothing.

So, let us take a moment and say a little prayer for this poor snowman that is being devoured by its young who have nothing to do on yet another pathetic snow day. Let us pray for good words, good ideas, good health, and clean bathrooms. We will not get all of them, but we can pray.

There will be new updates for fiction progress next week so, stay tuned. Despite the snow days and the plague-driven brain damage, there are some pretty exciting things coming down the pipeline. Don’t let the little snow-pods take you down.

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Welcome to 2018!!


Ooh, puppies!!!

Ok, focus! I’m late to the new year celebration game cuz I was on vacation over the new year. Be jelly. Or not, no, don’t actually be jelly. Vacation was only sorta fun. Stupid storm took all our warm weather away, teenagers insisted on being miserable, I got sick, and the littles were, well, little (yes, I include the 12-year-old in that category cuz he acts like his 8-year-old brother. I have ‘twins’ that are 4.5 years apart. -_-). So, when do I get my vacation from my vacation? Oh, wait, I don’t, cuz I’m a mom and a writer and life does not stop cuz I need a break, it just gets more chaotic. Oops.

Anyway, welcome to the year of the dog! Yes, I am advocating for an addition to our family in the form of another dog. We already have 1 and 3 cats but, whatevs. I troll our local shelter too often to not want another dog. Beyond the current turning of the calendar year and new animal totem, it is a time most will make the lists of resolutions and things they want to accomplish and re-evaluate their goals…

@*!^$ that @*!&.

GOALS: Survive another year of total chaos.

Good goals, right?? Right???

I thought so.

In reality, I have several ‘goals’ in mind and I’m mostly positive I’ll get maybe two of them done. Why? Cuz ChAoS. It reigns supreme in my house and throws all of my goals and personal wants out the flippin’ window. But, for the sake of the new year and all that ridiculousness, I will list the goals.

  1. Publish at least 3 novellas and 1 full novel this year. (HA! Maybe.)
  2. Open my Etsy shop by May with full stock of product. (Doable.)
  3. Exercise daily. (So far, so good but, yeah…)
  4. Take at least 2 weekend trips with the hubs and, maybe, 1 or 2 day trips with the spawn. (…)
  5. Finish face-ups and accessories for ALL my dolls (Also doable, and yes, it’s weird, sue me.)

That’s it. Nothing grand. I don’t want to go Iceland or see Niagara Falls. I don’t want to win millions or even make millions. I’ll be happy with making enough to buy myself a coffee from time to time. Simple wants. Now, the fun part is seeing which ones actually happen given all the lunacy that percolates down upon house and home. I’m not trying to go on any crazy diets (I like food too much and my kids diet for me anyway; no, really, they eat all my food direct off my plate STILL.), or like, be all super ripped. Active, I’d like to stay active cuz I’m currently a sloth. While I like sloths, I don’t need to be one. Words… well, I am a writer so I should be able to get that goal accomplished without too much issue but I had the same goal last year and it didn’t happen. The novel is the stickler, I think so maybe I’ll focus on the novellas and let the novel percolate on its own cuz it is a BEAST (several beasts, actually, as it is a planned series + a stand alone).

So, yeah, there they are: the simple goals of the Chaos Tamer. Pray for me.