An “Experience” as Told by Shutterfly

On this rare occasion in which I allow you all to take a glimpse into my life, I will weave for you a tale of what happens when I try to travel. On Saturday (June 17, for those keeping track of what day it is), I arose at the unholy hours of the morning to [...]

Summer Time!

It's here!! Parents and children rejoice! No more early mornings! No more hollering 'where's your backpack?!' at 7am! No more shoving them out the door only to remember you forgot to medicate them (oops, total #momfail on my part; and, yes, I medicate one of my children - it makes him not a total and [...]

Shameless Plug

Yes, I've been busy. Yes, I realize I missed Monday's post. Yes, I am working tirelessly at the plotting and re-plotting of Clockwork Gods so that it meets everyone's high standards by fall(ish) and getting everything ready for my submission of Heart of the Matter to its little anthology. Lots of working, lots of life, lots of laundry... [...]

Recovery the Second (AKA Officially Old AF)

So, here I am, the Queen of ChAoS, the Magnanimous Magistrate of the Disorganized laid up by, of all things, a 6th grade trip to King's Dominion. SERIOUSLY!? First, a convention, then, an amusement park. Blah. The brain is still attempting to process all of the things that collided with it on Saturday. I lost [...]

Organizing ChAoS

Things have been spectacularly busy/crazy today. Today we celebrated the birth of my third spawn and, naturally, being the brilliantly organized (NOT) individual that I am, I saved gift-buying for the very last second while I ran out to collect my prescriptions, run errands, and find a place that had cupcakes unadorned with little black [...]

Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly

If only I had a TARDIS. I could go to and fro through the timelines of my mind and see things as they happen and make those little notes in the Bible of my Novel without having to reference 2500 Post-It notes across the schism of hundreds of spiral-bound notebooks. But, why are timelines so [...]

Recovery (aka Post RavenCon Quickie)

This won't be long or detailed or even entertaining. I feel and look like that poor little pug with it's cute little wrinkly face smashed onto the floor. Except my face isn't really all that cute when smashed on a floor; or when wrinkly; or at all right now. RavenCon was a blast. I learned [...]

Bullet Journal (the New Mind Map)

Is it really the new mind map? Well, it is for me which is what matters the most at this particular venture in time.  So, let us answer a different question first: What is a bullet journal? As I understand it, and as I have been doing it, a bullet journal is like this mishmash [...]