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FailOh yes, it is the season of the #momfail which then translates to the season of the #wtfdidijustdo otherwise known as the #EVERYTHINGfail.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, dragging NaNoWriMo right along with it. It was there, then it wasn’t and this was probably one of my worst NaNo’s to date. I still “won” but that is such a loose term it is nearly laughable. I made 50k words, for sure, but spanning 3 different stories and at the sacrifice of doing things with or for my kids cuz I had NO time otherwise. I spent so much of my November playing taxi cab that when I did have a miraculous free moment, it went to words instead of movies with the spawn or whatever it is that other moms do with their kids.

I am not that mom. We don’t do arts and crafts together unless it is delegating someone to cut strips of tulle for me (don’t ask, it’s a mess in here right now). We watch TV together sometimes if we can all agree on the same show to watch which very rarely happens and, nine times out of ten, I’m yelling at them to pick their shit up off the floor. Meanwhile, I’m trying to maintain some semblance of order in the house, write, market my writing (lets not even GO there), do the crafts that need doing for our Holiday trip to Florida (yeah, looking forward to that but I probably should have really given more thought to the matching outfits I decided we need to wear 4 days out of the 10 that we’ll be there).

All of this just sort of exploded in November and now, a month later, I’m finally getting back to my blog. I have zero plans, only semi-solid deadlines for the words, partial thoughts to go back to work or else find something to re-open my Etsy shop with. I dunno, too many things swirling around and we still need to get through the new year.

And what the hell does all of this have to do with writing?? Well, a lot, actually, cuz not much writing is getting done now that NaNo is over. Yes, December is usually for rest (or really slow edits) but not even that’s happening on the regular. But my office is full of tulle and piles of colorful shirts!


Did you know my steampunk story, Heart of the Matter came out? Yeah, it did. You can find it here. Did you know I put out a short horror story too around Halloween? Yep, did that too. Did I market it? Of course not because there is just too much #FAIL happening around here lately but that can be found here if you’re interested.

I have several dozen gluten free sugar cookies to make for next Tuesday. Kicker? I’ve never made gluten free sugar cookies. Like, ever. I usually buy pre-made ones or drive my happy ass the 15-45 min (depending on traffic) south to the nearest Wegmans for the tub of it that Pillsbury has been so kind to make for me. I have 3 more tutus to make. I have a kid concert tonight, a vacuum to clean out, 12 more shirts to make, a snack plan for Orlando to come up with, a first draft of my current short story that’s due next Friday, and a freakin’ partridge in a dammed pear tree!!

Seriously, where is my wine? And why are there no emojis for WordPress??!?! *frump*


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NaNoWriMo (and Other Things)!


Ever feel like that starfish from Finding Nemo? “Today’s the day!! The sun is shining, the tank is clean and we’re – the tank is clean! THE TANK IS CLEAN?!”

Yeah, that’s kinda how I felt on Wednesday when NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for the total n00bs out there) officially kicked off. I mean, I had a plan, I had notes and stuff but there was still that little part of me going ‘well, shit…’. Things are still a little wild here at cHaOs and I keep having massive doubts that I will be able to slog through this dual genre thing I’ve got going. The fantasy part I’ve got; it’s the sci-fi part that I’m really iffy on. But, it is an adventure and it is now in progress!

WOOT, WOOT! (Like Officer Hops from Zootopia!)

Yeah, I’m gonna be making a lot of movie references. Movies motivate me, keep me in the now with stuff to write and reference and just happen to be stupidly tired so my brain is only able to go as far as Disney will allow today. Our weather here in middle-ish Virginia (we’re like the  very top of the middle, really bottom of the north) has been incredibly confusing: low 40’s, sometimes even 30’s at night and then we jump right back up to the 70’s by afternoon! My body can’t decide what season it is, let alone the poor trees and animals. Everyone just sort of layers and hopes it will be enough to survive the day.

On that lovely weather note, near to me is a place with beautiful scenery known as Government Island. I am hoping to start taking walks through the island on the regular and create a photo story with some of the dolls that I have. Cuz I love my dolls but they just stare at me (nothing really wrong with that) and I need an excuse to get up an walk more. What better excuse during a writing month where I have every excuse to STAY in my chair than getting up to take pictures of my next most favoritest thing ever: DOLLIES! We’ll see how it goes. I may have better luck sticking to riding lessons.

Anyway, for all the NaNo-ers out there, keep those fingers flying! We can do this! Caffeine and chocolate at the ready. GO!!


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And We’re Off!

download Got your attention, didn’t I? GOOD!! Cuz I have done another thing!!

Black Eyes: A Demon’s Curse was released for publication over the weekend. While it is only a short story, it is definitely something and it is all mine. Quite exciting. I quit full-time work to do this full time and, thus far, life has intervened in every way until now. It is also available on Smashwords along with some of my other works that I am no longer concerned about sharing with others. I write many things, erotica being one of them, though I opted to write that under a pen name and set up separate things that over complicated stuff and now I’m just saying $@^!% it and y’all can just deal with the fact that I’m a writer of all genres. BUT, for anyone interested, that stuff can be found on Smashwords and Amazon as well or just look up Noa Rose – that’s the other me.

Additionally, I have a piece in the Corrugated Sky Publications, Inc. anthology Tales of the Black Dog, available in print and ePub formats. Plus, Corrugated Sky will have their new anthology, Smoke and Steam, premiering soon in which I am also a feature author. *insert giant cheesy smile here*  Where are the emoticons on this thing when you need them?

So, now that I have my shameless plug inserted into the post, what in life precludes a writer from writing?

All. of. the. Things.

And, when I say all of the things, I mean all of the things. From the insanely mundane, to the insanely complex, there is a reason I have coined myself as the Tamer of Chaos. I’ve mentioned it before, but it seems to have given itself its own pretChaos Typwriterernatural existence in the last few weeks.  It just won’t end!

I have learned to work out of my mother’s car (since my van is still being used as a fabulously expensive lawn ornament accumulating its own Halloween decorations at the moment) while waiting for people to do what they need to do, getting in words here or there as I am able. I have, miraculously, managed to plan for this year’s NaNoWriMo event in November (Who else is doing it with me!? Hook up with Tatsuyuri – that’s me – if you are!), push a new short story out into the world (see above if you haven’t already), and begun the excruciatingly long process of planning and plotting not one, but two different novels hopefully due out next year (if life calms down some, otherwise y’all are only getting one novel).

Bottom line: I am tired. But rest is for those buried six feet under and novels (or stories) do not write themselves. Thus, onward and upward!! The race is on to keep writing, keep publishing, and just. keep. going!

Author’s Releases:

BE Cover v.2 Black Eyes: A Demon’s Curse – Available NOW!

kindlecover1 Tales of the Black Dog – Available NOW!

SteamCoverFullSleeveFINAL Smoke and Steam: A Steampunk Anthology – Fall 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 – In the planning phases (whew!)

Demons – Winter 2018

Clockwork Gods – Fall 2018

Ashes to Embers – Fall 2019

More as it comes, of course. There are more stories in the works, both normal and erotic (which will maintain its own page). Don’t forget to follow on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Pinterest if you’ve got it!

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Updates! (aka All of the Things!)


Is it just me, or does that word look funny to anyone else?

New week, new post. We, here, at ChAoS attempt to maintain a regular posting schedule with regular things sent to the medias of socialness. It doesn’t always work though. Life is just too damned hard with way too many demands. Some might be self-imposed demands but that is entirely beside the point. On to the updates!

A few pages updated here on the website with new or corrected info (why don’t you people tell me when I have typos and lame shit all over the place?!). I have removed some blog posts that were not going anywhere.  We had a very productive weekend here at ChAoS, cleaning things out and getting stuff organized. It was entirely exhausting and I hated every minute of it but, such is life.

Words were written both by hand and by keys. It seems to be working well to do it that way even if the stuff by hand takes much longer to write in that capacity. Words by keys is producing a nice story that should be ready for publication by the end of October – quite excited by that so I will be ramping up for that in the very near future.

Words by hand is producing Clockwork Gods at an excruciatingly slow pace but this is, ultimately, a good thing. Trying to produce it by keys was making no sense at all because my brain just went ‘BLAH!’ and then there were words and things and none of it worked together because scenes didn’t make sense – it was awful; total anarchy.

Timeline for Ashes is finally starting to take shape. And, let me just say, that timelines are really, really HARD. I mean, seriously, wtf? I understand it’s my world and my characters and blah, blah, blah but Jesus! Sooooooo many things. That will be a work-in-progress for the next ten years at this rate.

Then, of course, in all of this updating and cleaning of things, I come to realize that we are already halfway through the month of September. Like, what!? When did that happen?? Apparently when I wasn’t looking. So, now I have all the tubs for fall taking up space in my newly rearranged living room and making my house look like some underground laundry monster threw up all over my furniture. It’s amazing. Or something. This, of course, also means that it is time to decorate for Halloween (YAY!!!!) which then reminds me that I have a month and a half until NaNoWriMo begins (GAH!!).

I have NO clue what I’ll be doing for NaNo; none; zero; zilch. I hadn’t even thought of it until a writing friend began lamenting her lack of idea for this year. My tiny mental voice suddenly went ‘Well $*&@^!’ because there is just a giant empty void there for something that I am normally planning in June. #failwhale

AND I’ve totally dropped the ball with the work I do under my pen name for all things erotica (yeah, I write that stuff too – – or, did; do when I have the wild hair crawl up my posterior to do so). #doublefailwhale  That sucks too cuz that was actually bringing in a nice little side income and now, because my brain is uncooperative and entirely unpredictable, those particular brand of words has ceased and I’m just thinking of closing that entire thing down entirely. We shall see.

And, now, of course, there are school meetings and volunteering, and practices, and appointments…

My brain requires a vacation.

Upcoming Calendar:

Black Eyes – October 2017

Heart of the Matter (part of a Steampunk Anthology) – Fall 2017

Demons – January 2018

Clockwork Gods – October 2018 (tentative)

Ashes to Embers – October 2019 (tentative)

2017 NaNoWriMo – HELP!!!

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The Glory of the Interwebs


Everyone loves the internet. It has, single handedly, changed everything about how humanity communicates, does business, retrieves and stores information – all of it. You can find a therapist and speak to them ON LINE without setting a single toe out of your front door (or out of your bedroom if you so choose). You can shop and chat, research, read, and watch TV.

So, why today? Today when most people are remembering the atrocities of the past or praying for the future of a planet that seems to have gone to Hell in a hand basket recently, why do I choose to discuss the internet?

Many reasons, actually, but not the least of which includes my ability to multi-tasking all of the things that I need to do while sitting in my chair. Ok, no, not all the things. I can’t do my laundry from my computer (though there are washing machines that can now be controlled by a smart phone; little iffy on that one). I can’t make sure that my son stays on the sofa without physically moving to go lay eyeballs upon his wiggling person. I can, however, order my groceries for pick up tomorrow while emailing the local driving school so that I can get my oldest enrolled, and shop on Amazon for yet another bag of stupidly expensive (and now much cheaper thanks to Amazon) cat litter for my high maintenance cat. Plus, I have a window open for my current creative work in progress, music playing and email cycling so that I can watch for notices from school, band, husband, etc., etc., all from the comfort of my brand new office chair (also ordered online).

The news comes to me in little balloons at the bottom corner of my laptop. I know about the devastation in Florida, the continued fires in the west and the stupidity of over inflated egos from the so-called leaders of the world. If I feel like watching more of Stranger Things instead of listening to music, I can do that and let my ill child watch endless episodes of My Little Pony undisturbed on the big screen in the living room.

The internet has its pitfalls, of course. There is cyber crime, identity theft and predators abound. There are trolls on social media that exist only to make life miserable for others but, in general, the internet is what makes the world go ’round even if it is just the small, mostly self-contained world of one SAHM working on her next story.

My groceries will be ready for me tomorrow morning; my craft things and litter will arrive on Thursday and my volunteer hours can be logged for band without anyone nagging me.

Gods bless the interwebs. May it continue to be a bastion of endless possibility in a world that is slowly falling apart.

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They Can Open Doors…

“Are you sure you closed the door to your sister’s room?”

The answer was, of course. And then…

The crash heard ’round the house! Birds chirping everywhere! The entire zen of my morning vanquished by two very naughty cats. Oh yes, my big orange curmudgeon (named Kurama for the 9-tailed fox from Naruto; has the same personality too…) has learned to open doors. Why? Well, because he wants to go back to the outside. Except that an actual fox nearly ate him a couple weeks back and left a rather nasty scratch across his belly. He has a scar now and, no, he did not contract rabbies – he’s vaccinated and just that fucking stubborn.

Why does this even matter?

Well, short of disrupting my morning routine and throwing my creative thought process right out the dammed window, it also now makes me a semi-prisoner in my own home and allowed for the Houdini of all dogs (aka, mine) to escape into the wild blue yon. So, not only was my morning creativity ruined, but my morning errands were ruined too when I got a call from the local neighborhood police department (yes, we have one) saying that they had my adorable senior citizen of a fluff ball. Grrr. Cart abandoned in Target, I go retrieve the dog, race home to make sure all things are as they should be, all animals accounted for and alive (including the birds) then go back out to pay for my abandoned cart and then proceed to spend another absurd amount of money at the pet store on specialty food and litter. Double Grrrr.

The return to school was supposed to mean peace and quiet for me to get back into my routines; to find my lost creativity and maintain a semblance of cleanliness in my home.


Yeah, right, lady. Your cat knows how to open doors. What hope do you possibly have of normalcy???

None. I have no hope.


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Sleep, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Can't Sleep.jpg

  1. habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.

This has been my life the past few nights: scrolling through my phone because I have, somehow, upset my beloved lover Sleep. She has left me barren, flitting away at the unholy hours of the morning only to return in the late evening but for a few, teasing hours.


Could it be the excitement at having the children return to school? The thoughts rolling around in my head of things that need to be done in the house or just in prep for the impending school year? The new story line ideas or the insane amount of laundry I always seem to be doing but can’t do in the middle of the night because it’ll wake everyone else up (actually it might not… note to self if this continues).

Labor Day is generally a day of rest for those that labor, yet, I labor all the same because there is no rest. Yes, I am one of those awful parents that does a glorious happy dance when the children go back to school. It has been a VERY long summer. Two teenagers, a tween, and a Tyrant do not make things easy when all of them inhabit the same space no matter how big or small that space might be. I want them gone to their respective institutions of learning and I want a blessed moment of peace without someone asking me to open a juice box or take them to the mall or a friend’s house or listening to them argue over who gets to use the Playstation next.

Trust me, I am plenty involved in my children’s education and all their extra curricular activities that, in and of themselves, turn into full-time jobs on my part.

I have home projects that need doing and lists of the things that I need for said projects. I have snack sorting to do for easier lunch packing in the evening because it is just easier to grab the baggies straight out of the bins than to pour them out as needed. I have two kittens that have discovered their newly given freedom through the house at night – – and all of the wonderful things that they can knock over, leap off of, or tumble across.

I have ideas. Oh, do I have ideas! It doesn’t matter that I am in the middle of sorting out my timeline for a very complex world or assisting in putting the last touches onto the next anthology or a brand new notebook with the beginnings of a continuance of the story soon-to-be-published (because BAM had no Wi-Fi for me to use so I had to go all old school on myself). No, none of that is enough. My brain needs new ideas, new shiny pretty things to distract me from the ultimate goal of full-novel publication.

I have a book from the library that I am now reading by phone light (no, not screen light, the actual flashlight on one’s phone). At this rate, I’ll be done with it by mid-week and need to pick a new one to devour in the wee hours of the morning.

But why?

I thought, well, maybe I didn’t take my meds – except, that I did. I counted. I am not lucky enough for naps (like, at all) and there is nothing even remotely riveting about late-night television to hold my interest.

So, WHY??

The answer is: I don’t f*ing know. Random manic episode, perhaps. Crazy burst of insanity to counteract the twinges in my back that continue to plague me, maybe. Who knows. Normally, I am more productive in these strange lapses of restorative slumber, and I have not been entirely idle. As I said, I have been reading and even did a little bit of phone-light writing. I also now have the potential to do laundry if I fancy a trip down to the main level where the cats carry out their midnight derby across my highly slippery floors.

Tomorrow the schedule returns to ‘normal’. Tomorrow, peace may resume and maybe, just maybe, sleep will return to embrace me once again. Maybe.

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partial-solar-eclipse-clouds.jpg Looks scary, doesn’t it? Sorta, apocalyptic style creepy in its own ethereal beauty.

Today is the day everyone has been clamoring for; the day that has created the equally apocalyptic insanity on all of the highways heading south from the east coast states. Everyone is heading to the states where the eclipse will achieve totality. Ev-ery-one.

It’s actually rather annoying. My family and I have been landlocked since Friday thanks to all of the absurd traffic. That’s good for my words and edits, but no so much for anything else (like getting groceries and running errands and all the other normal things that people do on the weekends).

Of course, the true irony of the day is the overcast sky that has greeted us this fine, gloomy morning. It’s as if the universe felt like taunting everyone that scrambled about to find viewing glasses and paid obscene amounts of money for them. Back in my day…

Oh yea, it’s one of those stories:

Back in my day, I do recall watching a solar eclipse. It was not a total eclipse, but still incredibly awesome for my eight(ish)-year-old self. We didn’t have fancy glasses then. We had cardboard viewers that we made in class with scissors and hole punches or pins. We got to watch the shadow of the eclipse pass along the hot asphalt.

I remember running out to the playground to see this dinky little shadow. I remember how excited I was, how thrilled I felt to be a part of something so historic.

Oddly enough, I do not feel that way this time and it is an event that was is even more historic than the first time I got to see this. It is a bit overcast where we are and I have my children with me this time. They don’t seem too excited either, though I can’t seem to fathom why. It is kind of a big deal and we’ve discussed it and made a show of going to watch this event at the library but all I get from them is ‘meh’.

Perhaps it is because I do not have the giddy, childhood excitement that can rub off on my own children. Maybe they feel my lack of thrill.

Oh well, we will still go out to see the eclipse and try not to fry our retinas in the process. I’m sure there are tons of people running around today praying to several higher beings to save them from this strange demon-induced blanket of blackness that will take away all of our life-giving light. You know, for two minutes. Tee hee. Weirdos.

To totality!

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Some Time Off (aka Time for Revamping)

unplugYes, I have been on a long hiatus. I haven’t been entirely idle in my hiatus, but it has been necessary. The last few weeks of summer were already packed with a lot of hectic running and lunacy. Trying to maintain blog, kids, social media, words, publishing, editing… it’s a lot. It’s WORK.

So, you will pardon my break while I take some time to gather myself, throw some updates to the page, figure out the next plot source and get some actual work done. And, maybe, I might just get some relaxing done while I’m at it. Maybe. Doubtful, knowing my luck, but one can hope.

So, stay tuned, there will be some changes coming along and then we’ll ramp back up again once the school year kicks into high gear and I have a little more time to myself.

Cheers all.

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Since we rolled right into the holiday week(end) right after the first Choose Your Own Adventure, I’m going to give it one more week for folks to read and comment if they want to. This week, as the world resettles from what many took as a “vacation week” and the curtain of fun comes to a close, we here at ChAoS would like to do something a little different, a little weird.

Allow me to introduce you to my Pinterest Page about me

This is my landing pad for all things Chelle. Things that resonate as being part of who I am, of what I think about, or just things that very adequately represent me (like all the #shortgirl problems… yeah, that’s no fun). It is a little peak into the total nuttery that makes me, well, me.

Those little goofballs in the picture, those are my spawn; the ones that nag me at all hours of the day for snacks or entertainment or desperate need to have a brownie sundae RIGHT NOW. They keep me gainfully unemployed with all their running about and activities and then turn around and ask when my book is coming out.

That goofball down there is my beloved. He makes sure we can pay the bills while our spawn ensure that I stay gainfully unemployed with all their needs and wants and stinky laundry (yeah, usually 3 loads of that a day, btw. Ew.)

 They are just a part of the ChAoS that rules my existence but they are also my inspiration and the swift boots to my rear that keep me going, that make sure the words keep coming until the day that I can say ‘LOOK!’ and actually point to MY book sitting on the shelf. It’s starting. The Tales of the Black Dog Anthology is a start and I have more planned in that particular world that I created. I have my fantasy series that the Choose Your Own Adventure is part of and I have the steampunk setting that will be featured in an upcoming anthology as well. So, progress is being made despite interruptions and a cry for cheese sticks to be opened or more computer time to blast block-figure zombies. It is life, plain and simple and now I get to share it with all of you.