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Puffs of Smoke


Every writer has ideas that look like this. Incorporeal blobs of steam that sorta just ooze out our ears from time to time and drift towards the keys in a sad attempt to become something more coherent.

No? Just me? Yeah, probably just me.

Last week, I spoke of the inspiration behind my story for Corrugated Sky’s Tales of the Black DogThis week will be similar but with a (sadly for you, I’m sure) much longer explanation for my inspiration with a focus on my absolute fav subject: STEAMPUNK. No, really, I dig it. If I could afford to live and breathe Steampunk, my whole wardrobe, house, and tech, would all be done up in the steam fashion. In fact, I have plans to turn my wheelchair (yes, I have one) and cane (yep, got that too) into a steamy version of awesomeness before all my faculties leave me. Baby steps, y’all.

Anyway, I digress. So, the inspiration for Heart of the Matter has a rather long and involved history that began with the living campaign hosted by Wizards of the Coast, Living Greyhawk. For the non-geeks out there, think of it like a total global D&D game. It was amazeballs, truly. My bestie and I came up with an idea for a set of characters based on these guys:


But, with a little more:


You can imagine how that went. Instead of the brothers being 5 years apart like Sam and Dean, we made them twins (cuz that’s my number one obsession after Eeyore) and threw them in the world of Greyhawk. They were spectacular and awesome and polar opposites and then the game ended and we all had the sad. *tear*

Then, my ridiculously endless imagination thought ‘what would our boys look like if we threw them into the 20th century?’. With my ample amount of time to dedicate to such random musings, I proceeded to write up a scenario in which this was their reality. What I came up with was that Geiger (my bestie’s boy) was a mechanic and Tristan (my boy) was an out of work musician cuz that’s the kind of loser he is. I changed their last name to Fallon (from ap’Fallon and we’re not even going to try to explain that one here) and decided they’d be Boston-Irish as a result. Cool, right?

Then that thing that I don’t actually have a lot of crept up on me and the story fell by the wayside. The twins then got a third revival in a piece that I’m still toying with about psychically linked twins – one of which is a murderer and the other sees it. Weird, huh? But I did not finish that particular round of CampNaNoWriMo and, thus, their story remained unfinished yet again (though there is now potential for a revival on that with some obvious need for changes now).

Fast forward to last year when the call for submissions went out for a steampunk anthology. My brain instantly went ‘WE CAN DO THAT!!’. It’s a story, how long can that possibly take? Longer than you might think is the correct answer. I struggled and poked and tried to make another prefabricated steampunk character cooperate with a shorter piece and he was not having it. Like, not. at. all. (Thanks a lot, Oliver :P). Enter my bestie who always has my back and massages my brain wrinkles from afar with the suggestion that I use our boys in something quick, steamy, magicy, and totally awesome.

DONE! Thus, these guys happened:

Fallon Twins

Geiger and Tristan Fallon, both members of the Union Militia. One tinkers with automatons (G) and one fights with alchemical magic (T) during World War III. Yes, III. This one went further into the future, threw in the steam, added a shake of magic cuz that works better than actual physics in my brain and POOF! Heart of the Matter was born.

You can read it in Smoke and Steamleave a totally awesome review, and be blessed by the glory that is the Fallon twins. You’re welcome.



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All Things Green

StPatsCloverSteamGreen! Green as far as the eye can see! Why? Cuz it’s March which means the little men in top-hats and striped trousers come out in search of their pots o’ gold. Or mugs of ale. Or both.


Well, no, not entirely. Yes, this weekend, March 17, is St. Patrick’s Day. It began as the Feast of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is/was generally seen as a celebration of the Irish, their culture and heritage, as well as a religious holiday commemorating the day Christianity came to Ireland. Since it lands right around the time when Lent is still going strong for many a good Christian man and woman, Lenten restrictions were usually lifted for that one day so that celebrations could really kick off (aka, everyone in Ireland got a pass on drinking the booze and eating the meats for one day).

Move on to modern times, everyone and their mother claims a little bit of Irish ancestry in order to get in on the shenanigans brought on by this festival of greenery. Even pets get into the game, donning little green bandannas or shamrock-shaped ear-fluffs. But, why green? Why shamrocks? Well, for that I will direct you to the Wikipedia page on the subject because I could easily write a small novel on the nuances of the Irish and this holiday of greenery.

Instead, I will explain the little steampunk shamrock I’ve got going on up there. As a writer for Corrugated Sky’s steampunk anthology, Smoke and Steam, I am pleased to announce that there is a FREE promo happening this week for the eBook version of the anthology. So, while everyone is gettin’ shit-faced on green beer and corned beef and cabbage, they can also grab a copy of this book. What in all of the gods’ great creations does a steampunk book have to do with the Irish?

I’m glad you asked.

Remember them? They were featured in my blog from two weeks ago about my strange obsession with twins. Yes, those are real people. Those are actors Aaron and ShFallon Twinsawn Ashmore who have inspired my characters in Heart of the Matter, featured in Smoke and Steam. As stated previously, they represent Tristan and Geiger Fallon, the main characters of said novella, both of whom are Boston Irish and are featured quite heavily in my Pinterest board for Heart of the Matter. Go ahead and have a look, you know you want to; no one can resist the pull of Pinterest. It’s worse than Target.

Pinterest pages aside, my boys get into a bit of trouble… and if you want to know more, feel free to head on over to Amazon to grab your FREE (yes, FREE) copy of Smoke and Steam, available March 15-March 19. Just in time to celebrate the Irish.

Feel free to live vicariously through  the Fallon twins while enjoying your pints of green beer. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


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You’ve made it too hot. How do you blunder a blasted cuppa?

What on Earth is a ‘cuppa’?

We cannot possibly be related.

Next time roll yourself into the kitchen on your own and make your own stupid cuppa then. We should’ve left you in the alley.                      Oliver.


The little line on this computing device is typing out all of the things we’re saying.


Come look. Is it supposed to do that?

I don’t build computing devices.

That’s not what I asked.

Well, seeing as how I don’t build them, how am I supposed to know what one is intended to do?

Unbelievable – well find a way to turn it off.

How?! Oh, look, it caught my inflection. Interesting. Stop touching things you’re going to make it worse. Go find your significantly psychotic other.

We’re not dating.

That is not what it looks like from my vantage point.

Says the idiot with two significant others. Oh look, it does catch inflection. How fabulous!

The status of my relationships has nothing to do with this stupid machine. This is his computing device, go retrieve him.                            What?? Look, it did it again.


I didn’t say that.

Neither did I.




Heart of the Matter coming Fall 2017

Clockwork Gods coming Fall 2018.