Writing Obsessions

Every writer has an ‘obsession’; one of those things that just always ends up in a story or novel, even an idea. For some it is as simple as a color, or recurring picture in things. Stephen King uses Maine as the location for nearly all of his novels and stories. As a matter of […]

Recovery (aka Post RavenCon Quickie)

This won’t be long or detailed or even entertaining. I feel and look like that poor little pug with it’s cute little wrinkly face smashed onto the floor. Except my face isn’t really all that cute when smashed on a floor; or when wrinkly; or at all right now. RavenCon was a blast. I learned […]

Bullet Journal (the New Mind Map)

Is it really the new mind map? Well, it is for me which is what matters the most at this particular venture in time.  So, let us answer a different question first: What is a bullet journal? As I understand it, and as I have been doing it, a bullet journal is like this mishmash […]